CESMII Annual Meeting Energized Members!  Presentations Now Available!

CESMII’s Annual Meeting, recently hosted hundreds of members, partners and interested prospective contributors on the UCLA campus on February 28, preceded by a member only training sessions presented by MESA International on February 27th.

The event highlighted CESMII’s mandate to democratize Smart Manufacturing, recognizing that the Smart Manufacturing business, technology and workforce practices in the hands of all manufacturers’ opens new opportunities for all.   The program addressed dedicated programs, initiatives and funding focused on unleashing innovation by making technologies and knowledge readily and affordably available at scale and putting the power of change and innovation at the fingertips of everyone who touches manufacturing.

Click here to learn more about the meeting highlights and to view the presentations, agenda, and speaker biographies.  Livestream is also available for viewing, however please note that due to unknown technical difficulties, the Livestream did not capture the first two hours of the meeting.

Need help with Workforce Development?  Tell us how CESMII can help you!


CESMII realizes that the implementation of Smart Manufacturing practices will require new skills by your workforce.  CESMII is committed to providing our members with Workforce Development, Education and Training for your workforce to make your SM transition and implementation successful.  We have developed this 10 minute survey for you to help us understand your Smart Manufacturing needs and gaps. 

Thank you for taking the time to complete our survey. We value your feedback and comments.  Please do not hesitate to reach out to us or your CESMII Regional Manufacturing Center with your concerns or comments.



CESMII is organized to provide you resources to achieve your goals of Smart Manufacturing by lowering the risk of adopting new technology. In addition to creating an environment for members to collaborate, learn and share best practices, CESMII members have access to an open and secure digital infrastructure, test-beds, research and development, implementation services, workforce training resources and a solution marketplace all orchestrated to accelerate your success in Smart Manufacturing.

The Movement

Members in CESMII share a passion for Smart Manufacturing. These leaders believe that rapid technology adoption in support of improvements in productivity, job growth, energy efficiency, safety and time to market in a collaborative, diverse environment is key to radically improving US Manufacturing growth in process, discrete and batch industries. CESMII will enable companies of all sizes access to evolve with technology and grow their business. 

Join over 200 partners from industry and leading universities, national labs and associations across more than 30 states to advance manufacturing competitiveness, sustainability and innovation in the U.S. 

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Business IMPACTS

Optimized energy productivity & efficiency, achieve:

• 10-20% reduction in production costs
• Reduction in energy consumption
• $7B-15B per year energy cost savings
• 20-50% reduction in supply chain energy stream use & waste
• Environmental sustainability


competitive benefits

Data as a key asset across enterprises & supply chains, achieve:

• Real-time decisions
• Demand-driven response
• Productivity, performance & agility
• Long-term innovation
• High-quality manufacturing jobs
• Integrated energy management systems


accelerate adoption

Business and engineering tools, practices and intelligence, achieve:

• Ability to test, evaluate technologies
• Lower cost, reduced risk for technologies
• Scalable solutions
• Management across seams & connected data from all existing systems.
• Accessing a high-skilled workforce