Enabling Technologies


There are several technologies that form the building blocks for a Smart Manufacturing solution. These building blocks need to be connected through a platform that enables them to interoperate and more importantly, with the ability to move data in context between them.

Advanced sensors, controls, platforms and modeling (ASCPM) to radically improve productivity, precision, performance and energy consumption. While each individual building block may on its own be useful in eliminating specific barriers to SM implementation, the information flow between these building blocks is essential to ensure that the solutions developed with these technologies are implemented in a cost effective, re-usable, secure, scalable and repeatable manner.

CESMII Enabling Technologies

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strategic objectives 


The development, demonstration, and application of the modular, affordable, easy to-configure, secure, and reusable Cyber-physical-system (CPS) elements and their technical integration requirements to enhance CPS properties for companies of all sizes across manufacturing sectors


advanced wired and wireless sensor systems to achieve more affordable, robust, easy-to configure, and secure data communications


The successful pace and adoption and application of next-generation data analytics and modeling


Advanced smart manufacturing sensor, controls, platforms and modeling methods, tools, know-how and practices accessible to workers throughout companies and across companies of all sizes


The patterns of data modeling, tools and shared information that reusability for application and operational reusability