Our mission is to support the nation’s manufacturing learning infrastructure through development of extensive and innovative Smart Manufacturing educational resources. From educating manufacturing leaders and professionals to upskilling the workforce, we’re fostering adoption of broad-scale SM initiatives throughout the U.S.

Our target audience falls into four general categories:

Manufacturing Leaders

Including business executives, innovation champions, and managements consultants, who need to understand technology-enabled operating modes and justify their investment.


Including OT/IT architects designing SM solutions, systems integrators connecting sensors and production equipment and the enterprise IT infrastructure, and machine designers, who need to support the required information models and connectivity methods for your equipment.


The professors and trainers teaching SM principles, skills and ideologies at universities, community colleges, training centers and in the workplace.

Skilled Workforce

Students and existing workforce in a range of manufacturing careers from process engineers to technicians, and operators that need to understand how to leverage SM-produced data, insights and capabilities in their daily work.

Our Objectives

We are focused on the following education objectives:

Achieve widespread understanding of Smart Manufacturing terminology, practices, key technologies and methodologies, including CESMII’s own SM innovation Platform (SMIP) and SM Profiles.

Enhance the capabilities of tomorrow’s workforce with Smart Manufacturing transformation skill sets for manufacturing leaders, professionals and the skilled workforce.

Provide a knowledgebase and repository of Smart Manufacturing educational resources that can be leveraged by educators in their curricula.

Develop education content to support continuous learning programs that address changing business, technology and organizational practices.

Knowledge Portal

The CESMII Member Knowledge Portal provides an online catalog of SM knowledge resources for our members. If you are an employee of a CESMII member, email us at for access.

A Network of Educators

CESMII’s ecosystem includes educators engaged in the development of Smart Manufacturing curriculum, technology-equipped labs for hands-on training and CESMII endorsed education.

Regional Education Centers

CESMII’s Smart Manufacturing Innovation Centers provide service offerings to members, enhancing access to institute-developed technologies, training and hands-on demonstrations of the SM Innovation Platform™.

Smart Manufacturing Education Catalog

Together with our ecosystem, we work to bring you the latest in Smart Manufacturing Education. We pride ourselves on providing an array opportunities all in one place.

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