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Are you a small or mid-size manufacturer looking to jump start your Smart Manufacturing journey, align your business strategy and increase operational performance and customer service?
You’ve come to the right place.

We will start with a self-evaluation of your business practices. Our online Smart Manufacturing Business Practices Assessment tool guides you through questions that address critical business areas: Strategy, Culture, Processes, Systems, Workforce and Supply Chain. 

Smart Manufacturing
Business Practices Assessment

This is your no-cost starting point. At minimum, you will come out with a better understanding of your operations, and you may also gain insight regarding areas for improvement.

Take the assessment as often as you like. It is intended to offer ongoing assistance in your journey, but ultimately, you control your business transformation process. All answers are confidential to your company and consultants. Upon completion, we will email your results so you can take the next step in developing and executing your innovation roadmap.

Smart Manufacturing Acceleration Framework

While the Smart Manufacturing Business Practices Assessment tool helps you determine where you are on your Smart Manufacturing journey, our Acceleration Framework helps you establish a strategic and tactical roadmap specifically tailored to your business. You can work with your own innovation champion, or CESMII can help you find a consultant that fits your business needs.

CESMII is empowering the ecosystem with tools to help manufacturers move through the Assess, Focus and Roadmap processes in the acceleration framework including:

  • Assessment of current competitive state and operations readiness
  • Exposure to practical technology-enabled tactics to improve practices
  • Focus sessions to identify opportunities for improvement and align the team on a future vision
  • Evaluation of the business value of potential initiatives
  • Establishment of a technology-enabled strategic roadmap to achieve the business goals

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What’s possible?

Attend Events

Check Competitors

Understand Options

Challenges Addressed

Success Stories

Why SM for us?

Democratized Technology

Seek Demonstrations

Pilot Technology




Current State


Market Readiness


Current Opportunities

Educate Leaders 





Business Drivers

Value Proposition

Future State

Technology-enabled Strategy

Select Solutions, Path




Business Drivers

Key Milestones

1-3 Year Plan

Project Definition

Scope, Business Case



SM Foundation

Establish Infrastructure

Implement Solutions

Quick Wins – Agile


Change Management

Knowledge Transfer

Training and Adoption




Validate Success

Business Value




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