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If you are looking to jump start your Smart Manufacturing journey, align your business strategy, and increase operational performance, you’ve come to the right place.

Smart Manufacturing Acceleration Roadmap Framework

While many organizations agree that smart manufacturing would benefit their business practices, it can be challenging to decide on a strategic plan of action. CESMII’s Smart Manufacturing Acceleration Roadmap Framework aims to address this challenge by equipping organizations with a comprehensive blueprint to guide their smart manufacturing journey.

This framework was built by practitioners who have engaged in successful smart manufacturing adoption in their companies–their combined expertise is woven throughout each step to help manufacturers accelerate their own digital transformation.

It provides tactics to guide innovators through assessing their organization’s current state, identifying challenges and opportunities, and establishing a strategic roadmap specifically tailored to achieve the business goals.

Discover the path to smarter manufacturing with our online Smart Manufacturing Business Practices Assessment tool. Evaluate your business practices across key areas such as Strategy, Culture, Processes, Systems, Workforce, and Supply Chain.

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What’s possible?

Attend Events

Check Competitors

Understand Options

Challenges Addressed

Success Stories

Why SM for us?

Democratized Technology

Seek Demonstrations

Pilot Technology




Current State


Market Readiness


Current Opportunities

Educate Leaders 





Business Drivers

Value Proposition

Future State

Technology-enabled Strategy

Select Solutions, Path




Business Drivers

Key Milestones

1-3 Year Plan

Project Definition

Scope, Business Case



SM Foundation

Establish Infrastructure

Implement Solutions

Quick Wins – Agile


Change Management

Knowledge Transfer

Training and Adoption




Validate Success

Business Value




Smart Manufacturing
Business Practices Assessment

This is your no-cost starting point.
 You will come out with a better understanding of your operations, and insights into areas for improvement.

The Business Practices Assessment tool helps align your team around priorities based on the current state and the practical next steps for the business.

All answers are confidential to your company. Upon completion, we will email your results so you can take the next step in developing and executing your innovation roadmap.

CESMII Certified Professionals

CESMII has a growing network of certified Smart Manufacturing Roadmap Professionals ready to support your team and accelerate your Smart Manufacturing initiative. For more information on getting your team connected with our professional network contact us.

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CESMII Acceleration Process and Roadmap Tools Differentiators

CESMII tools and methods have the following important differentiators in contrast to Industry 4.0 readiness assessments developed in other countries, tools from technology vendors, and the typical engagement with big consulting firms.

  • The SM Roadmap Framework and Tools address key struggles identified by manufacturers including visioning, strategy, justification, and prioritization.
  • The focus is on becoming a first-class manufacturer, achieving 3-year business goals, and technologies discussed only where they enable the business strategy. Actions are prioritized by their impact to the business for Now/Next/Future time horizons.
  • The process works for large manufacturers but was designed to work for small and medium manufacturers (SMMs).
  • It is based on a collaborative approach to create ownership where the manufacturer takes on more of the process themselves and the consultant coaches 1-2 internal champions.
  • Lowers in-person time and cost for consultant/advisor so they can work with more manufacturers in parallel. More of the process can be coached remotely.
  • Uses a crowd-sourcing methodology throughout the organization and creates alignment among internal stakeholders on the need for selected improvement initiatives.
  • Technology is only one of six areas explored. Assessment uses straightforward questions to cover 6 dimensions of business practices: Strategy, Culture, Processes, Systems, Workforce, Supply Chain. (In contrast to other assessments that cover 16-20 dimensions and focus on technology adoption.)
  • Benchmarking data from growing database is available to manufacturers and consultants.
  • Consulting/coaching engagement to develop roadmap is targeted at $8-$15K for typical SMM and is separate from the projects to select and implement specific technology solutions. (In contrast to >$100K for engagement with big consultant.)
  • Benefit from the CESMII ecosystem is vendor neutral and provides access to more resources for the consultant and manufacturer in different specialized areas.
  • Designed to be revisited every two years to check progress, impact, and alignment with changing business goals.

Smart Manufacturing Acceleration Roadmap Professional Certification

2024 Course Schedule

Smart Manufacturing Acceleration Roadmap Professional Certification Course

Smart Manufacturing Acceleration Roadmap Professional Certification Course

Course is given quarterly. Please see the next course date under More Upcoming Events ... Read More

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