We are CESMII (sez-ME), the Smart Manufacturing Institute. Funded by the U.S. government, we are a non-profit organization established as your primary advocate for SM and your primary source for industry networking, education and workforce development, funded research projects and a Smart Manufacturing Innovation Platform to enable your digital transformation.

Smart Manufacturing Executive Council

CESMII and SME Announce the Formation of a Smart Manufacturing Executive Council to Accelerate the Adoption of Smart Manufacturing in the U.S.

CESMII brings together technology, solutions, skills, practice, and knowledge to break down barriers to progress, making the power of information and innovation accessible to all who touch manufacturing. Regardless of your organization’s size, industry sector or experience, we help ensure that people and systems create value in and across manufacturing operations on a national scale.

Manufacturing USA

CESMII is one of 16 Manufacturing USA institutes across the U.S., a network established in 2014 to secure U.S. global leadership in advanced manufacturing by connecting people, ideas, and technology.

Meet the Team

Our talented team provides more than 100 years of cumulative industry knowledge, working across the U.S. with a shared mission to accelerate SM with the team working remotely across the nation to accelerate SM at all levels.


Interested in joining a self-motivated, collaborative team with the option to live where you like and work remotely? We are constantly growing and evolving. See if we have a fit for you!

What is Smart Manufacturing?

Smart Manufacturing (SM) is the information-based, event-driven and collaborative orchestration of business, physical and digital processes that efficiently drive plants, factories and the entire value chain.

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The CESMII Story

Learn about our history and current initiatives through the lens of our CTO, Haresh Malkani, and how they align with U.S. Department of Energy objectives for industry-wide adoption of Smart Manufacturing. CESMII’s long history began with the founding of Smart Manufacturing by Jim Davis at UCLA, chronicled in The 15th Anniversary of Smart Manufacturing.

Our CESMII story, as a Manufacturing USA Institute, is one that capitalizes on this history and investments made to date, but it also focuses on developing and scaling new industry-wide capabilities for a more productive, competitive, energy-efficient and environmentally sustainable manufacturing environment in the U.S. and globally.


Our Institute Roadmap ensures that the work carried out through the institute directly relates to our published goals, objectives and strategic levers. Our objectives define what we — as an ecosystem driven through public/private partnership — want to accomplish and. It directs our roadmap and guides how we accomplish our objectives through our established and published focus areas and deliverables.

SM Ecosystem Integration

SM Ecosystem Integration

CESMII represents a “network-of-networks,” engaging industry partners and academia.

SM Education

SM Education

CESMII works to educate a wide constituency across our ecosystem

SM Enabling Technologies

SM Enabling Technologies

Innovative solutions that form the building blocks for a SM solution.

SM Innovation Platform

SM Innovation Platform

SMIP represents and communicates our key Smart Manufacturing specifications.


Industries We Serve

Join Our Ecosystem

CESMII values transformation made possible by collaboration. Our mission is to bring together individuals, organizations and technologies to create a more sustainable and productive world.

Start Your Smart Manufacturing Journey

Education is a core pillar in our roadmap to democratize Smart Manufacturing. We provide tools and develop skills you need to enable and sustain your Digital Transformation are critical to your organization’s success. 

Explore Our Project Library

We manage projects in collaboration with our ecosystem of manufacturers, system integrators, machine builders, software developers, academia and labs with a goal to develop emerging technologies, drive research and innovation – delivering on our mission to democratize Smart Manufacturing.

Discover Our Technology Solutions

CESMII brings together enabling technologies like sensing, control, analytics, modeling, and machine learning to solve some of industry’s most challenging problems into one Smart Manfacturing Platform


Our “official” headquarters is based in Los Angeles, CA, as our program is funded through a partnership with UCLA. However, the CESMII HQ team operates remotely across the country, with team members spanning from Southern California to Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.

Our extended network reach is even wider. CESMII has an existing national network of Smart Manufacturing Innovation Centers (“SMICs”), that are a collection highly visible, credible, high value, regional extensions of CESMII. Each SMIC is an independent organization with strong industry engagement and core competencies related to a key industry and/or a technology horizontal.

Department of Energy

Founded in 2016, CESMII accelerates smart manufacturing adoption through the integration of advanced sensors, data analytics, platforms, and controls. It is the third institute funded by DOE’s Advanced Materials and Manufacturing Technologies Office.