CESMII’s technology investment is focused on three key barriers to democratization of smart manufacturing. Information is the key to better decision making, and data is the raw material for information systems but only if that data is usable. 

CESMII’s Technology Strategy

CESMII’s strategy starts with a focus on creating an open approach to organizing and classifying data, regardless of how that data is transported, using a concept we call the Smart Manufacturing Profile a standards-based approach to describing the data that can be found (or at least, should be found!) in a given system or process.

Next, CESMII is setting the bar for how manufacturing information is stored namely, organized as objects, derived from a type, persisted in graph relationships with each, with attribute data stored historically. These concepts are not new, they’ve been prevalent in object-oriented programming since the 1990s. Manufacturing systems either lack such core building blocks, or have implementations that are proprietary and vendor-specific.

Finally, CESMII has focused on defining an interoperable programming interface a common API that any platform can implement that ensures portability of applications across vendor ecosystems. This API is graph-aware, Cloud agnostic, and based on an open and evolving schema that provides capabilities that allow any application, whether it’s a new visualization, an analysis tool, or a modern AI, to explore and exploit the Graph, securely and with appropriate access control.

Explore the sections below to learn more about our approach to each of these challenges, and how our ecosystem is enabling smart manufacturing.

SM Profiles

SM profiles provide an innovative way of representing data in structured information models that provide the ability to move “data-in-context” from source to consumption.

SM Profile Designer

Create standardized SM Profiles to define Information Models for manufacturing assets or processes, enabling the development of universal, reusable data access interfaces by building upon existing profiles from OPC Foundation or other sources.

SM Interoperability Platform

The SMIP enables seamless, vendor-agnostic interoperability of manufacturing-centric technologies and a marketplace of CESMII-approved apps.

SM Profile Cloud Library

Our Cloud Library allows storing and querying OPC UA Information Models globally, serving as its reference implementation.

SM Marketplace

The SM Marketplace is where developers of OT applications can make their products available for use with the SMIP for use in developing solutions to customer manufacturing use cases.

Developer GITHUB Resources

Code samples, demos and documentation for interacting with the CESMII Smart Manufacturing Interoperability Platform.

Technology Resources

Explore videos, code samples, demos and documentation for interacting with the CESMII Smart Manufacturing Interoperability Platform.
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