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When tasked with the major challenge of Digital Transformation, it’s extremely valuable to network with your peers, talking with those that are in various stages of adoption, exchanging ideas on what works and what doesn’t. We are also focused on the democratization of Smart Manufacturing, making sure that opportunity is available to all businesses, the small and medium businesses and not just largest companies in industry. Small and medium businesses may not have the personnel or infrastructure to learn all that needs to be done.

Affinity Groups offer networking opportunities for manufacturers in vertical markets, or with common applications. Affinity Groups provide a safe harbor for members to bring their abilities, share concerns/business problems, outline their capabilities and interests, and to develop a plan to engage CESMII resources & strategies as needed. In addition, the conversations and discussions maximize opportunity to solve real Smart Manufacturing problems for members within that industry sector or technology horizontal.

Affinity Groups
  • Aerospace Affinity Group
  • Small – Medium Sized Manufacturers Affinity Group
  • Food Beverage and Consumer Packaged Goods Affinity Group

Affinity group meetings are held monthly, online through the benefits of Zoom technology, and managed by CESMII staff.

CESMII Affinity Groups

Dale Turner 

Vice President, SMIC Network, CESMII 

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