Core Training

In order to familiarize yourself with the Smart Manufacturing Interoperability Platform, please start by taking some time to go through the following trainings and links below.

Getting Started: Smart Manufacturing Interoperability Platform

Developers Guide To: Smart Manufacturing Interoperability Platform

CESMII Technology Training:
Quick Start Videos

Development Resources

Understanding the Smart Manufacturing Interoperability Platform
Expression and Application of Smart Manufacturing Profiles (SM Profiles)
SM Platform GraphQL API Reference
SM Profile Concepts
SM Profile Creation Flowchart
SMIP, API, SM Profile and Connector Developer’s GitHib Resources
The OPC UA Specification – The “Base Class” for SM Profiles
CESMII Gateway Adapters
OPC UA Online Reference Including Library of Information Models

Additional Resources

Overview of What is Smart Manufacturing

OPC UA Information Models

OPC UA Nodeset

CESMII YouTube Channel

ThinkIQ Knowledgebase

Membership Benefits

Explore additional insights and resources on the CESMII Member’s Knowledge Portal and CESMII Github page. While these are valuable public resources, members gain access to even more exclusive content and benefits. 

Member Knowledge Portal

The CESMII Member Knowledge Portal is an exclusive platform designed for our members, offering a curated repository of advanced resources, industry insights, and collaborative tools. Access a wealth of specialized knowledge, engage with fellow members, and stay at the forefront of smart manufacturing innovations. Elevate your membership experience through this dedicated portal tailored to enhance your expertise and network within the CESMII community.


The CESMII GitHub Page includes a comprehensive collection of code samples, insightful demos, and detailed documentation. Uncover the tools and resources needed to seamlessly interact with the CESMII Smart Manufacturing Interoperability Platform. Whether you’re a developer, researcher, or enthusiast, our GitHub repository is your gateway to harnessing the full potential of smart manufacturing technologies.