Knowledge Portal

If you are a member or employee of a CESMII member and interested in gaining access, please email CESMII Education at

Registered members can access the Knowledge Portal below:

The CESMII Member Knowledge Portal provides an online catalog of Smart Manufacturing (SM) knowledge resources for member organizations. It is an opportunity to learn about Smart Manufacturing at your own pace. Whether you are looking for papers or videos on introductory or more advanced topics, the Knowledge Portal is the place to get started with your journey.

The Knowledge Portal has several areas to explore. Click on the “Spaces” title on the menu and then “View All Spaces” to find the Education Space and content.  Once you are in this area, look to the left side of the page and you will find the list of “Pages”  in the Education Space. Please feel free to explore all the sections and take advantage of the “Text Search” capability  located on the upper right side of the portal.

Some topics covered on the portal include:

  • What is Smart Manufacturing?
  • What are the foundational building blocks of Smart Manufacturing?
  • How do we make sure we have a good technology-enabled business strategy?
  • What are the benefits companies are realizing with Smart Manufacturing techniques?
  • How to leverage Machine Learning in Manufacturing?
  • How do we save energy and create a more sustainable manufacturing process?
  • How do we augment our workforce capabilities with Smart Manufacturing capabilities?
  • What does Smart Manufacturing curriculum look like? What are the fundamental topics?
  • How do we integrate the multiple layers of systems connecting sensors, machines, databases, analytics, and enterprise systems?
  • How do you create information models in the SM Innovation Platform?
  • How to leverage the library of information models available through industry groups to help align your internal integration efforts with your industry partners?
  • And many more topics…