Educator Resources

A collection of information for professors and trainers teaching SM principles, skills and ideologies at universities, community colleges, training centers and in the workplace.

The lack of availability of skilled talent is a challenge widely acknowledged by U.S. manufacturers. Tackling this urgent challenge requires a multitude of initiatives to attract a wider workforce to these great job opportunities and to get them trained for today’s highly technical manufacturing jobs.


Education is one of CESMII’s four key pillars for acceleration of Smart Manufacturing adoption in the US. CESMII has made it part of its mission to help accelerate the development of education for Smart Manufacturing skills by supporting educators with more resources to help develop curriculum and hands-on training experiences.

It is easy for educators to join the CESMII ecosystem and jump-start your efforts with access to resources including reference material, implementation examples, and knowledge on Smart Manufacturing technology and techniques from industry experts and peer educators.

Knowledge Portal

CESMII members can access a library of knowledge sharing resources on Smart Manufacturing including papers and recorded presentations. There is a section dedicated to educators that includes references and guidance to help develop SM curriculum.

Educator Repository

CESMII educator members can access this library where peer educators have shared the results and lessons learned from their Smart Manufacturing education development projects. Many of the project leaders are engaged and available for questions in the CESMII educator community.

Smart Manufacturing Learning System

CESMII has developed a practical low-cost hardware and software kit along with student exercises so educators can easily adopt hands-on training with Smart Manufacturing technologies and techniques that include IIoT, edge and cloud computing.

Endorsed Education Program

After you complete development of your new SM education programs, you can apply for the CESMII-Endorsed SM Education label. Courses are reviewed against the skills and curriculum guidance provided in the Knowledge Portal to ensure that they include Industry 4.0, interoperability, scalability, analytical, and orchestration skills that build on top of Industry 3.0 capabilities.

Educator Repository

Don’t start your course development efforts from scratch! Browse through the library for ideas from your peers. This will save you a lot of time and effort. Every education project that CESMII helps fund is not only developing education and resources for the participating institutions, but also sharing knowledge and resources with the educator community.

Resources in the repository include:

  • Outlines for Smart Manufacturing curriculum at university and community college levels for students and workforce across multiple manufacturing occupations including operator, technician, engineer, and managers.
  • Course materials, example code, and datasets for hands-on exercises for students engaged in data modeling such as in machine learning and deep learning using Python and Jupyter Notebooks.
  • Instructions on how to build hardware to use in the classroom to emulate data sources from industrial assets like a benchtop extrusion machine.

Interested educators should reach out via email to