CESMII Members are on the leading edge of Digital Transformation and leveraging Industry 4.0 for Smart Manufacturing (SM). If you are a manufacturer, system integrator, machine builder, technology provider or member of academia, and are interested in accessing the benefits, join us in solving existing and future problems and creating value at the speed of business.

Smart Manufacturing benefits organizations of all sizes and types:

  • Better manufacturing capacity utilization
  • Lower production cost and improve on-time delivery
  • Energy efficiency and energy productivity
  • Improve visibility into production
  • Supply chain agility
  • Improved manufacturing sustainability

The reasons are many, but the challenge remains:
How do we accelerate our SM journey, in a manner that fits our current and long-term needs, goals and growth projections?

At CESMII, we have the education, technology and ecosystem to enable your specific SM goals. Our membership is diverse, including manufacturers, system integrators, technology providers, machine builders and academia.

Our three-tier membership system is based on your level of engagement, and the size and type of organization, offering you access to:

  • a world-class, mission-critical Smart Manufacturing platform
  • a growing library of SM Profiles (equipment & process information models)
  • a marketplace of SM Apps and Tools
  • a SM Profile Designer tool
  • a SM Knowledge Portal to educate your organization
  • the world’s leading SM innovation ecosystem to fast-track your innovation process

This tiered model allows our members to find the level and benefits that best suit their needs and organizational goals.


System Integrators

Machine Builders

Technology Providers

Academia & Labs

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