Endorsed Education

To accomplish our Smart Manufacturing education mission on a national scale, CESMII partners with a wide network of education and training organizations that share these goals and provide education aligned with the 7 Principles of Smart Manufacturing. 

Interested in getting a CESMII Endorsed Training Certificate for a course or offering? Reference the information below to see if the program fits your needs.

Target Audience

  • Manufacturing business leaders & innovation champions
  • Manufacturing system designers & architects
  • Manufacturing solution/application implementer or system integrator
  • Manufacturing data/systems analyst & report development staff
  • Manufacturing information model manager or data profile developer
  • Predictive analysis modeler & process engineer
  • Operations & value chain continuous improvement engineer

Focused Skills 

  • Smart Manufacturing Introduction, use cases, examples
  • Smart Manufacturing Essentials, IIoT, OT/IT integration, Edge & Cloud computing
  • Data sources, contextualization, aggregation, information models, interoperability
  • Data visualization, connected augmented worker, human and machine collaboration
  • Data analysis, SPC, complex problem solving, continuous improvement
  • Process modeling, optimization, predictive analysis, machine learning/AI

Third-party Endorsement Logo

All CESMII Endorsed Training programs receive access to the certification badge for inclusion on all marketing and outreach materials.

CESMII Endorsed Training Certificate Application

To qualify for the CESMII Endorsed Program, all courses are reviewed to include the following skills: Industry 4.0, interoperability, scalability, analytical and orchestration capabilities that build on top of Industry 3.0 capabilities. To submit your course for consideration please provide the following information.