SM Profiles


What are Smart Manufacturing Profiles?

Smart Manufacturing Profiles are an innovative way of representing data in structured information models that provide the ability to move “data-in-context” from source to consumption, and between components that consume the data to provide a solution. Developers and end-users can adapt or customize the information model with constructs that are specific to a particular domain, platform or application.

In other words, a profile is a digital extension mechanism to seamlessly connect, collect, analyze and act at the edge, the cloud and in the apps that connect to the Smart Manufacturing Innovation Platform.

How it Works

Smart Manufacturing Profiles are crowd-sourced from industry.

Machine Builders, System Integrators and Technology Providers in all shapes and sizes. Even you, whoever you are, can create profiles and submit them to the CESMII Smart Manufacturing Marketplace, for others to download and use in their systems.

SM Marketplace™
Smart Manufacturing Profile Designer™ 

The SM Profile Designer ™ allows disparate manufacturers and engineers to build manufacturing profiles that could be shared amongst a community of smart manufacturing entities. The profile is a class definition (or collection of class definitions) describing a piece of manufacturing equipment (or conceivably, a manufacturing process or manufactured good). Profiles have relationships to other profiles within the scope of the user’s work context. These relationships are of the kinds typically seen in a UML (Unified Modeling Language) diagram, including inheritance, aggregation (or composition), interface implementation, and dependency.

SM Profile Designer

Create standardized SM Profiles to define Information Models for manufacturing assets or processes, enabling the development of universal, reusable data access interfaces by building upon existing profiles from OPC Foundation or other sources.

Technology Resources

Explore videos, code samples, demos and documentation for interacting with the CESMII Smart Manufacturing Interoperability Platform.
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