Smart Manufacturing Experience

CESMII co-hosted Smart Manufacturing Experience, an industry event tailored to small and medium manufacturers, in Pittsburgh, PA from June 7-9, 2022. The event provided multiple connection points and engagement with leading voices; from manufacturers, system-integrators, thought-leaders, government entities, suppliers and more. 

Smart Manufacturing Mindset™ | Think Differently: Shaping your SM Journey
After months of sharing best practices around various aspects of smart manufacturing, this month’s episode brings listeners a first-hand account ...
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Department of Energy Continues Commitment to Smart Manufacturing Innovation by Renewing UCLA’s Clean Energy Smart Manufacturing Innovation Institute
“The institute has been highly successful in developing and deploying SM solutions across a wide swath of industry sectors and ...
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SMIC Event (Case Western): Utilizing Machine Data Leads to Increased ROI Webinar
This event is part of the CESMII Smart Manufacturing Innovation Center efforts led by Case Western Reserve University, in partnership ...
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Flow Software Engages with CESMII to help Democratize the Adoption of Smart Manufacturing
More and more top manufacturers use artificial intelligence (AI), machine learning and streaming analytics from SAS, the leader in analytics, ...
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Smart Manufacturing Mindset™ | Think Differently: Continuous Improvement
Join us as we dig into the age-old principles and practices of Continuous Improvement looking through the lens of modern, ...
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Addressing Challenges for Smart Manufacturing Broad Adoption
"A company, small or large, can use a strategy of phased investments to implement modular solutions and incrementally achieve benefits ...
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Vote Our Institute Leaders into SXSW 2024
Manufacturing USA is eyeing SXSW 2024 to share our ideas with the leaders and influencers who are helping shape the ...
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