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9:00AM to 4:00PM EST

CESMII is working hard to fundamentally change the next-generation manufacturing software landscape by eliminating stove-piped architectures, enabling application portability, and driving a 50% cost reduction in implementing Smart Manufacturing applications.

Join us for a 7-hour Virtual Smart Manufacturing Architecture & Technologies Workshop including a deep dive into the standards, modeling, technologies, and architectures to meet these goals.

At our recent CESMII Annual Member Meeting, top tech leaders from companies like Rockwell AutomationToyota Motor CorporationCorning IncorporatedRaytheonOshkosh CorporationPepsiCoProcter & GambleOwens CorningPhoenix ContactLear CorporationFANUC America CorporationGeneral MillsPfizerSASBausch + LombImerysAndersen Corporation and more attended this workshop. The response was phenomenal, and due to popular demand, we’re hosting another session!

This virtual workshop is open to both CESMII members and those considering membership.

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Smart Manufacturing Mindset™:

Unlock Efficiency with Digital Lean

Kick-off 2024 with the latest CESMII Smart Manufacturing Mindset LinkedIn Live event on “Digital Lean.” Explore the transformative power of modern technologies in supporting Continuous Improvement and propelling those efforts to new heights as we embrace new ideas in the new year.

Join series host Mike Yost and fellow CESMII members experienced at embracing the digital mindset to navigate the intersection of productivity and innovation:

🎙️ Tim Stuart, President @ Visual Decisions Inc

🎙️ Anthony Kanoff, Process Excellence Manager @ Phoenix Contact

🎙️ Conrad Leiva, VP of WF & Ecosystem Development @ CESMII

🎙️ Mike Yost, Host

Join us to uncover key strategies to optimize processes and maximize productivity. Dive deep into the realm of Digital Lean and discover how you can revolutionize your approach to operational excellence as part of this community of continuous learners.

Top Takeaways

Presenting the 28th Annual ARC Industry Leadership Forum

Accelerate Transformation in the Age of AI, Cybersecurity, and Sustainability

For industrial sectors, it is a time of uncertainty. Market disruption abounds and change is inevitable. Industrial leaders deal with this by leveraging transformational technologies such as generative Al to evolve business models, focusing on competitive and operating excellence, anticipating changes to the workforce and work itself, establishing cyber-resilient operations, and driving energy transition and sustainability into core business strategies. Join us to discover what your peers and industry leaders are doing today and what steps they are taking to prepare for the future.

CESMII is proud to participate in this years event and look forward to seeing you there.

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Perspective on the challenges in 2024 of AI adoption in manufacturing

Where ‘clean data’ is available in information technology domains, Gen-AI uses should flourish in IT. But there will be headwinds for the once-in-a-generation technology on the OT side.

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ThinkIQ and Mitsubishi Corporation team up to accelerate digital transformation for manufacturing and supply chains in Japan

Mitsubishi Corporation is partnering with ThinkIQ to accelerate digital transformation with smart manufacturing solutions for the many industrial supply chains in its ecosystem. ThinkIQ has built its open platform working closely with U.S. and European government smart manufacturing and Industry 4.0 initiatives and global standards bodies. The investment is further testament to ThinkIQ’s technology and will drive expansion leveraging Mitsubishi’s global presence.

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DOE Awards $3.6 Million to Strengthen Education and Workforce Development in the Domestic Manufacturing Industry

The U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) today announced awards to five of its Clean Energy Manufacturing Innovation Institutes to fund the acceleration of education and workforce development (EWD) programs that support domestic manufacturing. Specifically, this funding will be used to expand EWD services to broader communities across our nation and meet the future labor needs of industries that are projected to rapidly expand in the immediate future as America continues its shift to a clean energy economy. Education and workforce development are fundamental to building the robust domestic clean energy manufacturing sector needed to achieve the Biden-Harris Administration’s climate goals. 

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The Urgent Need to Align Business and Smart Manufacturing Strategy

There has been a rising interest in the pursuit of productivity improvements through the implementation of Smart Manufacturing (SM) technologies and CESMII, the U.S. Smart Manufacturing institute, has a national mandate to support and accelerate the adoption of these technologies and techniques. In this article we share key recommendations from the CESMII ecosystem of professionals engaged with manufacturing leaders in their journeys.

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Smart Manufacturing —

Why It Matters and How to Achieve It

February 5th | 1:00-5:00PM | Anaheim Convention Center

Presented by Conrad Leiva, CESMII

It is critically important for manufacturers to start their Industry 4.0 journey to stay ahead of the competition. Join CESMII’s Conrad Leiva, Vice President for Ecosystem and Workforce Education for the Smart Manufacturing Workshop at IME West which will be held on February 5th from 1 to 5 pm. Conrad will be helping manufacturers understand why smart manufacturing is important, some of its building blocks, and how to get started. Discover what you will learn in this workshop below and register for this exclusive workshop.


Information Modelling: The Foundation for a Good Smart Manufacturing Strategy

February 6th | 10:15-11:00AM | Anaheim Convention Center

Presented by Olivia Morales, CESMII

Information Modelling is a key component of Object Oriented Programming, which has been the backbone of software design for decades. However, vendor lock in has prevented the same evolution of technology in manufacturing. It is time to bring these concepts to the Manufacturing Industry, in order to get away from stove pipe architectures and pilot purgatory. To build systems designed to evolve and scale, we need a Smart Manufacturing Strategy rooted in established standards, collaboration, and technology reusability. Information modelling provides that foundation.

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Machine Learning Algorithms Reduce General Mills Energy Bills by $480,000 Annually  

Improving energy efficiency in the food and beverage industry will significantly reduce the industry’s carbon footprint, contributing to the US’s overall efforts to combat climate change. Additionally, slight operational improvements will lead to increased competitiveness and profitability, creating more manufacturing jobs and driving American economic growth.  

Machine Learning Algorithms Reduce General Mills Energy Bills by $480,000 Annually  

⬇ 2%

2% expected reduction in energy utilization when implementing smart manufacturing tools at General Mills Chanhassen plant.  


 2% expected reduction in energy utilization for General Mills North American plants translates to an annual savings of $480,000. 


A 2% reduction in energy usage for US food and beverage manufacturers will result in $180 million in annual savings. 

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Smart Manufacturing for Small & Medium-sized Manufacturers

Featuring CESMII Member, 5G Technologies

Do small and medium-sized manufacturers need to worry about Industry 4.0? Where would a SMM start on a digital transformation journey? 5G Technologies CEO Ananth Seshan, PhD, sits down with Chris Mahar, managing editor, to discuss these questions and more. Providing insights into how SMMs can excel and better compete in an increasingly connected market.

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Release of AI/ML Manufacturing Technology Roadmap and Consortium Planning

February 27th | Case Western Reserve University | Cleveland, Ohio

We’re excited to announce that registration is now open and our speaker lineup is set for our upcoming roadmap launch on February 27, 2024.

Mike Molnar, founding director of the U.S. Advanced Manufacturing National Program Office, has agreed to deliver the Keynote Address. Joining Mike on the agenda are:

Bijan Sayyar-Rodsari, Director of Rockwell Automation’s AI Center of Excellence

Bernard Bewlay, Chief Scientist, Materials Systems & Services Technologies at GE Research

Jim Warren, Director of the Materials Genome Program at NIST

Bijan, Bernard, and Jim will lead an industry-focused set of talks to connect the work and mission behind the Roadmap to the critical needs of industry. We will also hold breakout sessions to refine the vision for a future-state consortium centered around AI in Manufacturing.

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CESMII is Hitting the Road!

The next stop on the #SmartManufacturingRoadshow brings us to the Emerging Manufacturing Collaboration Center (EMC2) in Indianapolis, Indiana on Thursday, February 28th.

Get ready to dive deep into the world of smart manufacturing alongside CESMII SMIC Director Rob Schoenthaler and a lineup of industry leaders. Together, we’ll debunk myths and tackle obstacles hindering the seamless integration of cutting-edge digital technologies into your operations. The event will feature a technology showcase spotlighting innovators from Axiom Manufacturing SystemsOpto 22Inductive AutomationBlue RidgeTensorIoT Inc.MartinCSI and NineTwelve.

We’d like to invite all Indiana-based manufacturers and entrepreneurs to this FREE event featuring advanced workshops, presentations, networking, appetizers & drinks!

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Since its creation in 2016, CESMII, through its program home at the University of California Los Angeles (UCLA), has built a robust public-private partnership with over 181 current member organizations to date across industry and academia. As U.S. Department of Energy’s third established institute, CESMII has developed foundational Smart Manufacturing (SM) solutions, technologies, practices, and educational content to develop the smart manufacturing workforce of the future. 

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