Ask the Experts: Smart Manufacturing Architecture & Technologies Workshop

Monday, March 4th @ 1:00PM LIVE on LinkedIn

A few weeks ago, CESMII hosted our first (Virtual & FREE) Smart Manufacturing Architecture & Technologies Workshop – a deep dive into the fundamentals of interoperability, modern OT/IT-friendly platform architectures, open specifications, and interfaces enabled by information models, data standards/standardization, the importance of a graph database, the global standards landscape for Smart Manufacturing.

With an impressive turnout of over 425 registrants and over 300 attendees during the live event, we were truly overwhelmed by the level of interest, enthusiastic engagement, and the wealth of thought-provoking questions that surfaced throughout the 7-hour Workshop.

As a result of this remarkable response, we have decided to adapt the format of this month’s Smart Manufacturing Mindset™ series to further enhance the opportunity for interaction with our presenters.

The workshop is now available On-Demand, broken into 8 actionable sections which you can consume at your own pace.

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Lead your Organization in the era of AI with Vision and Strategy

We are in the midst of an unprecedented degree of technology-driven change—a sea of risks and opportunities.

Just 10 years ago, there were clear lines between industry, business, and technology functions within organizations, but recent technological breakthroughs and social shifts are reinventing organizations and markets.

Those who are leading or aspire to lead their organization in the era of AI need strategy and leadership principles built-for-purpose for this new era.

That’s where “AI Strategy Fundamentals” comes in.

Over the span of 4 sessions, each with a Q&A, you’ll be guided through the frameworks and process of building an AI strategy for your team, organization, or market, with real-world examples.

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A delegation of CESMII leaders and members representing US manufacturing, including, John Dyck, Jim Davis, Mark Johnson and Doug Ramsey traveled to Paris to continue the conversation on the development of a global, collaboratively usable data space for the manufacturing industry continues to gain momentum: They joined representatives from Canada, France, Germany, Italy, Japan, Korea, the Netherlands, Austria, Spain and the USA, working on addressing the urgent need for manufacturers to exchange data in standardized ways.

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Reimagining Energy Use with Digital Technologies

If you’re heading to Austin next week for SXSW, don’t miss CESMII‘s Olivia Morales is on the Manufacturing USA panel: “Reimagining Energy Use with Digital Technology” at SXSW next Saturday, March 9th @ 4PM CT.

She will be explaining how digital technology is transforming energy efficiency in manufacturing.

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Fundamentals of Smart Manufacturing

Take part in these e-learning courses at a discount

CESMII members may purchase licensed access to the SM Fundamentals e-learning program provided by SME for an annual cost of $745 per student/employee.

35 for the price of 25! And may also apply their member benefits (i.e. CESMII dollars) toward this program.

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The U.S. Department of Energy (DOE), in collaboration with the Cybersecurity Manufacturing Innovation Institute (CyManII), announced the selection of 10 projects with a combined total of $4.8 million in research and development funding to enhance the cybersecurity landscape within American manufacturing. These projects will advance cybersecure, energy efficient manufacturing, aligning with the missions of DOE’s Office of Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy (EERE) and EERE’s Advanced Materials and Manufacturing Technologies Office (AMMTO) to drive U.S. manufacturing and supporting the nation’s collective push for a competitive, clean, and decarbonized economy.

Secure Smart Manufacturing Solution for Small and Medium Manufacturers

CESMII is teaming with CyManII to reduce cyber vulnerabilities in small and medium size manufactures transitioning to smart manufacturing. Partnering with 5G Technologies, the University of California, Los Angeles, and CyManII, this team will demonstrate a Secure Smart Manufacturing solution that will improve operational efficiency and energy productivity while minimizing cyber vulnerabilities in IT/OT systems. 

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Smart Manufacturing Controls Drastically Reduce the Need for Toxic Chemicals in Pulp and Paper Washing 

The technologies developed in this project will provide the pulp and paper industry with a unique opportunity to both reduce cost and improve environmental sustainability. The new control strategy developed in this project can be applied to other washing processes and will be reusable for modeling and control across a wide range of energy-intensive manufacturing processes.  

Smart Manufacturing of Pulp and Paper: Machine Learning Enabled Control of Brownstock Washing 

⬇ -13.7k 

Reduction in water usage will save 13.7k gallons of water per day per washer.

$180k/yr60% demonstrated reduction in defoamer usage will save $180k/year per washer. 

⬆ $35k/yr

Implementing machine learning model controls will save $35k/year in water and energy usage costs per washer. 

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Real predictive maintenance requires real digital twins

How to get on the path to digital twin maturity

Is your organization using digital twins today? The answer depends on how you define “digital twin.” At the most basic level, it is a virtual representation of a physical part, product, plant, or process – which can be a relatively low hurdle to clear for organizations with sophisticated digital capabilities, making it easier to answer “yes.” After all, at any given moment your organization may have many models in place that fit this loose definition. 

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Learn More: bcisolutions.com/

BCI is a progressive manufacturing facility that has over 80 years of experience and has always embraced technology. BCI regularly works with R&D with their customers. They have also worked on some STTRs and have recently been working with the local Workforce Development Corporation and Ivy Tech Community College to develop an apprenticeship program. BCI is looking forward to contributing to other organizations within the institute, continuous improvement within their own organization, and technological advancement. By joining with other organizations in looking to the future, there may be ideas that others have that would also benefit BCl’s advancement.

Join us at Smart Factories Summit

April 4, 2024 | Chicago, IL

We are pleased to announce that CESMII will be taking part in this year’s Smart Factories Summit on 4 April 2024 in Chicago, IL, USA.

Our CEO, John Dyck will serve as the event chair, joining top manufacturers and collaboratively debate and discuss key challenges and strategies to overcome them.

Join us there to uncover emerging strategies and #technologies to drive business value through Industry 4.0 initiatives.

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CESMII is Hitting the Road!

The next stop on the #SmartManufacturingRoadshow brings us South Carolina where we will partner with our friends from South Carolina Manufacturing Extension Partnership to discover the relevant industry applications for this technology, engage in deep-dive sessions with immersive learning, learn practical approaches to get started in implementing Smart Manufacturing and tour the SiMT facility, featuring CNC and Additive Manufacturing capabilities.

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Since its creation in 2016, CESMII, through its program home at the University of California Los Angeles (UCLA), has built a robust public-private partnership with over 181 current member organizations to date across industry and academia. As U.S. Department of Energy’s third established institute, CESMII has developed foundational Smart Manufacturing (SM) solutions, technologies, practices, and educational content to develop the smart manufacturing workforce of the future. 

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