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Save the Date: February 16th @ 2:00PM EST

Jake Hall, also known as The Manufacturing Millennial, will interview CESMII CEO,

John Dyck, along with four leaders from our newest CESMII Smart Manufacturing Innovation Centers (SMICs) about what’s next in workforce development and how the democratization of Smart Manufacturing will support manufacturers on their journey.

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Nick Barendt

Executive Director

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Ryan Cahalane

President, Industrial Tech

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Sherri McCleary

Executive Director

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Ragu Athinarayanan

SMIC Director & Professor

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Accelerate your Smart Manufacturing Business Transformation

Take the Business Practices Assessment to see where you are on your industrial transformation journey. These tools are designed to help small and medium manufacturers align the business strategy, technology-enabled practices, and establish or reassess an innovation roadmap that leads to higher levels of operational performance and customer service.

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Save The Date(s)

The main objective of this workshop is to bring together CESMII members to share knowledge about their respective project objectives, accomplishments, and developments. This will be a great opportunity to exchange views, learn from each other, create synergies among different CESMII stakeholders and foster collaboration among different project teams.


We will cover all CESMII Projects: Innovation, Enabling R&D, Education and Workforce Development, SM Platform Capability, and Application Projects.

1:00 – 5:00pm EST on the following dates:




February 1, 2022

February 2, 2022

February 3, 2022

February 8, 2022

February 9, 2022

February 10, 2022

For a detailed agenda of the workshop details by date click here.

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Energy & Efficiency

As industry evolves—as we digitally transform—we can become smarter and more efficient in our applications of energy. That mindset powers the smartest manufacturers among us, and is the common thread in the features that make up this new report from Smart Industry. Get your copy here. 

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We are happy to introduce a new section dedicated to monthly

highlights of our completed projects and supporting details.

Projects are typically funded through RFP (Request for Proposals) announcements. Contact roadmapprojects.info@cesmii.org for more information.

NOTE: RFP3 selection notifications are now expected the first week of February.


Smart Manufacturing Infrastructure to Connect Workers and Systems to Improve Productivity

Created affordable, scalable, and portable smart manufacturing systems where IoT technologies can be integrated into mobile sensor platforms. This smart, connected infrastructure empowered workers and operation supervisors to optimize workflows and processes. Resulting in improving energy efficiency and productivity for advanced manufacturing environments.

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18 Months | 68% CESMII Cost Share

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Smart Manufacturing Analytics in the

Food Industry

Used CESMII SM Platform to implement smart manufacturing technologies enabling the identification of yield and operational efficiency improvements. This project quantified the impact of variability in the supply chain and processing of chicken by-products and the resulting impact of yield for four (4) product streams.

4 Months | 50% CESMII Cost Share

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Data Modeling for Smart Aerospace

Additive Manufacturing

Developed, implemented and demonstrated data collection, predictive data modeling, connectivity, energy calculations, and machine learning for additive manufacturing.

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18 Months | 64% CESMII Cost Share

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Data Production of Zero Defect (ZD) Slabs in Steel Continuous Casting

Improved steel slab quality and continuous caster productivity using Smart Manufacturing (SM) methodologies and technologies, thereby reducing overall energy intensity of the existing steelmaking and casting operations. 

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24 Months | 69% CESMII Cost Share

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Inferential Modeling for Driving Out

Energy Waste

Developed technology to drive out wasted energy in manufacturing facilities through improved information technology.  Provided technical staff with technology to sniff out unknown or unexpected energy consumption across the facility. Learn More

12 Months | 64% CESMII Cost Share

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Smart Manufacturing for Chemical Processing: Energy Efficient Operation of Air Separation Unit

Developed several SM Platform™ ready tools and validate them on Praxair’s commercial Air Separation Unit for improving energy efficiency.

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24 Months | 60% CESMII Cost Share

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Smart Manufacturing Educational Tookit

with Practical Benchtop Machine

Developed an instrumented bench scale extrusion kit and platform that can be integrated into education modules (labs, projects, etc.)

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12 Months | 70% CESMII Cost Share

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Smart Manufacturing Workforce

Development Model

Developed a SM workforce model that leverages existing education and workforce training systems to develop the workforce needed for SM. 

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24 Months | 40% CESMII Cost Share

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CESMII’s New Member Spotlight

Help us in welcoming our newest members who are on the leading edge of

Digital Transformation and leveraging Industry 4.0 for Smart Manufacturing.


Visit machinalabs.ai

for more information

Machina Labs is combining the latest advances in robotics and artificial intelligence (AI) into a manufacturing platform which allows great ideas to turn to reality quickly and affordably. The company’s robotic forming capabilities introduce unprecedented flexibility and agility to the centuries-old metal forming industry. This enables their customers to accelerate innovation by shortening the product design lifecycle and reducing lead times for metal parts from months down to days.

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Visit metalquest.net

for more information

MetalQuest Unlimited, Inc. manufactures precision components and assemblies with the mission to provide the ultimate level of customer satisfaction. MetalQuest is a recognized leader in the CNC manufacturing industry for its use of smart manufacturing technologies. With our commitment to quality, we continually strive to be better tomorrow than we are today.

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Visit spiral.technology.com

for more information

Spiral Technology provides enterprise Augmented Reality for industrial automation. They develop a new generation system for faster quality control and more accurate recording of the defects in Manufacturing, Maintenance, and Civil Engineering.

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Visit webbergr.com

for more information

Webber Growth Resources provides as-needed expertise for manufacturing companies leveraging various funding sources to best serve the needs of this important sector. Because access to proven talent and experience creates significant business advantages and opportunities for companies large and small, WGR helps to bring the right people to the table with high-value expertise and insight right when you need it, just when you need it.

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Attention CESMII Members

Thank you for your participation with CESMII in 2021. We look forward to

working together in 2022 to further our mission of democratizing

Smart Manufacturing innovation.


Please register and add to your calendar the CESMII National Member Call which will be conducted every other month on the third Wednesday, 1 pm PST, starting on February 16, 2022. On this call, we will update members on key deliverables on Smart Manufacturing Technologies, Standards Advocacy and Workforce Development.

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What is an Affinity Group? A group of CESMII members with an interest in a particular manufacturing sector or a technology horizontal. We hold monthly meetings that are intended for members to bring their abilities, capabilities, and interests to engage CESMII resources & strategies as needed to address the sector or problem.

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