PROJECT LEAD: Pennsylvania State University

PARTNERS: Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Arconic

PROBLEM STATEMENT: Rapid pace of technology development has left educational systems scrambling to keep pace and adapt learning outcomes, resulting in inadequate preparedness and readiness of workforce at all levels

PROJECT GOAL: To develop an instrumented bench scale extrusion kit and platform that can be integrated into education modules (labs, projects, class materials).

TECHNICAL APPROACH:  Creation of a smart laboratory-scale extrusion process model and simulator, to educate students on key aspects of Industry 4.0 themes including sensing, control, data acquisition, process simulation models, machine learning and prediction, and optimization through educational materials.


  • Design, build, deliver and document hardware for the MIT extrusion platform (Factory 4.0 process simulator) for inclusion in Smart Manufacturing learning modules (videos, lesson plans)
  • Develop the overall architecture approach and software modules (Analytical DB, HW Models, Optimizer, Educational Apps), delivering code and documentation for use and expansion of the Factory 4.0 toolkit
  • Develop and implement course material for student learning study, and demonstrate selected modules to industry partner


  • Immediate adoption of the tool kit in the state-wide programs
  • Application to a broad range of engineering and other cross-discipline educational areas
  • Educational platform modules can be easily developed for K-12 students in rapid fashion



  • CESMII member access to software with published code and algorithms
  • Community driven extension to the software platform and educational modules for all levels of students
  • Enable similar manufacturing facilities to evaluate and apply learning from this program into its operations


Member % Cost Share CESMII % Cost Share Duration
30% 70% 12 months