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Why Join CESMII?

Because you fit into one of the categories below, and will benefit from the tailored experiences that we provide.

  • End Users will benefit from our Workforce Development, Ecosystem and Community and Access to our Smart Manufacturing Innovation Platform.  They will also benefit from a wide range of new applications that will foster innovation and performance improvements.
  • System Integrators will benefit from CESMII technologies and standards, and our Ecosystem, companies that will benefit from their experiences and that need their value added integration
  • Machine Builders will benefit from the standards that CESMII promotes to speed innovation and reduce the costs of systems implementation
  • Software Vendors fall into two categories – Application Vendors will benefit from a context rich data environment, ready for their value added applications, and they will benefit from direct access to the vast Small and Medium Manufacturing, that makes up over 98% of the market.  That access comes via the CESMII SM Marketplace that delivers Information Models, Type Definitions and Semantics, along with a list of vendor applications that support them.  Platform Vendors, those companies that have communication backbones and data stores within their architectures, will benefit from leveraging CESMII Open Technologies, to make their products ready for Industrial Plug and Play. 
  • Academia and Labs will benefit from context rich data environments, to drive new levels of innovation and productivity in their vertical domains
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CESMII Machine Builder
CESMII App Vendor
CESMII Academia

CESMII Members are on the leading edge of Digital Transformation and leveraging Industry 4.0 for Smart Manufacturing (SM).

Member Benefits:

  • Opportunities to receive funding for Smart Manufacturing Innovation, Roadmap and Capability projects
  • Free access to the SM Innovation Platform, SM Profiles and Technologies for pilot/POCs
  • Create SM Profiles, Apps, and Tools that you can monetize through the SM Marketplace
  • Education, Training & Workforce Development materials for your organization
  • Future-Proof your Manufacturing IT investment by ensuring your partners align with Smart Manufacturing First Principles™
  • Create SM Practitioners and Futureproof them with Evergreen Education and Workforce Development
  • Lead or Join or Advise a CESMII Project Team to Solve Industry’s Greatest Challenges
  • Leverage, and Contribute to the Vanguard of Smart Manufacturing – the CESMII Network of Networks



Steps to Become a Member:


Our ecosystem is inclusive by design,
and everyone has a role to play.
Come find yours!



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