Spurred by COVID-19, CESMII CEO, John Dyck, has been actively collaborating to build a more resilient US manufacturing base to underpin the national response and recovery. He’s been engaging with leading manufacturers in critical food, medical and consumer goods supply chains, along with leading technology providers and national political leaders.
In August, John wrote a guest article for on the subject and appeared on CESMII’s 6 Degrees of Smart Manufacturing webcast series to discuss the work. In the webcast, he tied a resilient US manufacturing base to its energy impact and discussed a white paper on the topic in which the CEOs of all 14 Manufacturing USA institutes call for the creation of a National Manufacturing Guard.

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CESMII is pleased to highlight our latest member, the University of Delaware! The University of Delaware is a major research university with extensive graduate programs that is also dedicated to outstanding undergraduate and professional education. UD faculty are committed to the intellectual, cultural, and ethical development of students as citizens, scholars, and professionals. UD graduates are prepared to contribute to a global and diverse society that requires leaders with creativity, integrity, and a dedication to service.
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Date: September 16, 2020
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Smart Manufacturing Imperative #7 – Sustainability
Does it make sense to align data flowing in Smart Manufacturing with data in the Smart Grid? Is it possible? Our hosts start to drill down into the Smart Manufacturing “Truth Table” and and look into Sustainability for ways to optimize energy resource utilization.
Opportunities for Energy Management & Efficiency in Smart Manufacturing
Explore how Smart Manufacturing improves the utilization of energy resources at the process, enterprise and supply chain levels, especially when we consider the high energy usage of industries like paper, metals, chemicals, petroleum and food.
CESMII CTO, Haresh Malkani, will be active in upcoming virtual events. Check out the links below for more details:
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Date: September 30, 2020
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