RFP 2 - Wave 3 Project Resources

CESMII is pleased to announce a Request for Proposals (RFP 2 - Wave 3) for institute roadmap projects. The areas of interest for these RFP waves will focus on:

The SM Innovation Platform (SMIP) is an environment that allows individual operational technology (OT) functional components to be able to interoperate, and for data to be orchestrated between these components. At the heart of SMIP are SM Profiles, an innovative way of providing the ability to move "data-in-context" from source to consumption, and between components that consume the data to provide a solution. The SMIP also includes the SM Marketplace from where OT applications and SM Profiles can be configured for developing solutions to manufacturing use cases.

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All CESMII External Evaluations & Consensus Reviews for RFP2 - Wave 3 are complete. Awaiting DOE Final Review & Approval.


Below is available documentation to learn more about the goals of CESMII, Areas of Interest and process and deadlines for this RFP.

Proposal Submissions:

Proposals for each wave of this RFP are on separate schedules, as outlined below and in the supporting Resource documents.

RFP2 - Wave 3 Proposals

Informational Webinar Dates:

Two (2) Informational Webinars will be held to provide information on this RFP. Each webinar is scheduled for sixty (60) minutes. 

RFP2 - Wave 3 Informational Webinars 
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Download the files below for all the information and templates required to successfully submit a proposal.

Questions And Answers:

Request for Proposal - Wave 3


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