Report Release: Options for a National Plan on Smart Manufacturing

This study outlines options for a national plan for smart manufacturing technology development and deployment. The report examines technical frameworks and processes, identifies possible timelines and necessary resources, and explores policies and general roles for government, industry, and academia to address near-, medium-, and long-term challenges to improve the productivity and energy efficiency of the manufacturing sector of the United States and ensure U.S. competitiveness.  Thomas Kurfess, Georgia Institute of Technology (study chair)

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Smart manufacturing technologies—from advanced sensors to new computing capabilities—have the potential to greatly improve the productivity, energy efficiency, and sustainability of the U.S. manufacturing sector. Successfully implementing these technologies is essential for ensuring U.S. competitiveness and providing new job opportunities for the U.S. workforce.

A new National Academies’ report, Options for a National Plan for Smart Manufacturing, explores promising technologies transforming the manufacturing sector and identifies the research and resources needed to accelerate smart manufacturing adoption industry wide. The report also identifies critical needs for education and workforce development for smart manufacturing and makes actionable recommendations to support and train the next-generation manufacturing workforce.

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