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Manufacturing Tomorrow podcast with John Dyck, CESMII & Robert Willig, SME

Check out the latest episode of “Manufacturing Tomorrow” with host 

Kathryn Kelley from the Ohio Manufacturing Institute at The Ohio State University as she interviews CESMII CEO John Dyck and SME CEO & Executive Director Robert Willig to discuss the CESMII / SME partnership and what it will do to help accelerate and bring awareness to Smart Manufacturing.

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New Innovation Center provides a practical approach to smart manufacturing for small to mid-sized manufacturers

Feyen Zylstra (FZ) is pleased to announce that they have been chosen to establish an Innovation Center by (CESMII). Slated to open in Spring 2022, FZ’s Innovation Center will welcome local manufacturers to learn, experience, and interact with Smart Manufacturing technology through experimental labs, interactive training workshops, and the showcasing of implementation success stories. 

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Jake Hall, also known as The Manufacturing Millennial, interviewed CESMII CEO, John Dyck, along with four leaders from our newest CESMII Smart Manufacturing Innovation Centers (SMICs) about what’s next in workforce development and how the democratization of Smart Manufacturing will support manufacturers on their journey.

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Developing Your Workforce in an Age of Worker Shortages

The Skills Gap was already a big challenge before the pandemic. It’s even bigger now. More people are retiring, changing careers, or starting new jobs than ever before, leaving businesses of all stripes in the lurch.

Read the full article from SME.

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Accelerate your Smart Manufacturing Business Transformation

Take the Business Practices Assessment to see where you are on your industrial transformation journey. These tools are designed to help small and medium manufacturers align the business strategy, technology-enabled practices, and establish or reassess an innovation roadmap that leads to higher levels of operational performance and customer service.

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CESMII’s Profile Designer in Beta

The web-based information modeling tool is compatible with OPC UA Part 5, and makes it easy to derive and extend Profiles from published sources, including Companion Specifications in the OPC Cloud Library, and later this year, other Profiles available in the Smart Manufacturing Marketplace.

To become a beta tester, email devops@cesmii.org!

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An Inventory of Needles

An insightful blog submitted by our CESMII member – Falkonry, highlighting the value of finding unknown patterns hidden within data. Falkonry asks if the proverbial needle that manufacturers are searching for is the most important thing in that data haystack? How does one figure out what else is in there?

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We are happy to introduce a new section dedicated to monthly

highlights of our completed projects and supporting details.

Projects are typically funded through RFP (Request for Proposals) announcements. Contact roadmapprojects.info@cesmii.org for more information.

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10 projects have been selected for award negotiations from proposal submissions in response to CESMII’s third RFP issued in June 2021. These projects will develop and apply Smart Manufacturing (SM) solutions to improve energy productivity, operational performance, and quality, as well as develop hands-on education and training materials to upskill the workforce. The portfolio of projects tightly aligns with the goals and metrics of CESMII, as well as the updated institute roadmap. Below is a brief description of each of the projects:

Spiral Technology, GE Renewable Energy

and LM Wind Power

Will develop an Augmented Reality based solution to decrease cycle time, increase accuracy and throughput for composite wind turbine blade manufacturing and inspection. The solution will be integrated with CESMII’s SM Innovation Platform. The projected impact for 15 locations is estimated to be $40M in additional revenue. The solution can be tailored for other use cases in composites manufacturing.


Rutgers University

Will create test beds to demonstrate integration of legacy mill and lathe with wireless 5G-enabled sensors and edge computing for blade milling and high-value aerospace component repair. The solution will include edge-based data transfer, control algorithms, deep learning tools and SM Profiles for blade milling and adaptive repairing. The solution will lead to lower surface defects and rework (up to 25%), lower costs (at least 20%) and improve energy efficiency. Higher quality blades could impact jet engine efficiency and hence CO2 emissions.


Falkonry and ArcelorMittal

Will develop and demonstrate a solution to predict the strip breaks in steel cold rolling mills, reducing downtime and improving productivity by creating reusable structured information models (SM Profiles) and a data driven predictive model demonstrated with the SM Innovation Platform. The projected impact from a 15-day reduction in downtime is worth $3.5M annually for steel mills. Prevention of strip breaks will also result in a significant reduction in re-work, reducing energy usage and carbon emissions.

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RPI, G-W Process Optimization and Krinos Foods

Will develop a solution to improve product quality, waste

and energy consumption for mixers and fillers in food manufacturing by creating reusable structured information models (SM Profiles) and a data driven predictive model demonstrated with the SM Innovation Platform. The project will result in an anticipated throughput increase of 15% and a waste reduction of 10%, leading to higher energy productivity for the manufacturer.


Adapdix and Intel

Will demonstrate an AI/ML based solution for wafer-handling automated robotic work cells to predict and optimize cell performance, enabled by a structured information model (SM Profile) for real-time data collection on vibrations, cell performance parameters, and predictive maintenance. The solution is expected to significantly reduce downtime at Intel, with broader application across the electronics industry.


Linde and Emerson

Will partner to develop new digital solutions to predict impending failures and improve reliability for Air Separation Units (ASU), using new IIoT sensors and analytics tools integrated with CESMII’s SM Innovation Platform. The project will also demonstrate use of SM Profiles (information models) and Apps from the CESMII marketplace. The project will result in lowering excess oxygen and improve energy efficiency, with a potential impact on 4600 ASUs around the world.



Will develop a set of role-based, simulated work cell exercises to train students on IIoT, analytics, no-code application development and industrial SM applications. The hands-on software-based exercises will be published for CESMII and can be used to design education curricula cost effectively. The projected will enable simulation-based training and content development and expands CESMII’s library of educational resources.


Smart Automation Certification Alliance (SACA) will partner with Amatrol

To develop and pilot a new smart manufacturing micro-credentials program (SM Fundamentals, SM Visualization, SM Production Systems and SM Cybersecurity) that addresses the operations and maintenance skills associated with energy efficiency and small-medium business solutions. The program will be piloted for industry and academic members of SACA and CESMII and will specifically benefit SMMs.


Amatrol will partner with Texas A&M and community colleges

To develop low-cost hands-on teaching tools based on Augmented/Virtual Reality (AR/VR) and Digital Twins (DT) for a scalable workforce development model for the nation without need for equipment investment. The project increases access to AR/VR based, low-cost training resources to accelerate the development of SM skills, increasing the pool of educators with SM skills and making training for incumbent workers more accessible at scale.


Finger Lakes Community College will partner Purdue University

To develop basic, intermediate, and advanced resources for educating students at community colleges, baccalaureate institutions and SMMs. It addresses a gap in semi-automation training, connected workers and leverages the benchtop training system developed by Penn State from prior work funded by CESMII. The project will enable co-op training for community colleges and incumbent workforce at small and medium manufacturers.


CESMII’s New Member Spotlight

Help us in welcoming our newest members who are on the leading edge of

Digital Transformation and leveraging Industry 4.0 for Smart Manufacturing.


Visit hanarasoft.com

for more information

HanAra helps its customers achieve operational excellence by providing innovative technology backed by years of experience in machine learning, advanced pattern recognition, data management, predictive maintenance, and customer care. All combined to create software solutions that maximize operational returns and help organizations break through the limitations. HanAra software solutions help organizations move towards digitalization and viewing data as a corporate asset. By turning data into actionable intelligence, organizations reduce costs, improve efficiencies, and increase safety. HanAra delivers each solution with training and care programs, supporting customers every step of the way and beyond.

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Visit itgtec.com

for more information

ITG Technologies provides custom solutions

and services to a broad group of businesses. With over 100 years of combined experience and a skilled staff of engineers and IT professionals, ITG is able to provide innovative solutions based on experience and industry standards. ITG maintains strong relationships with a broad spectrum of business partners focused on creating state-of-the-art tools and technology for a variety of industry types. This enables ITG to integrate these tools as building blocks to help implement customized solutions for your specific business needs.

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Visit martech-international.com

for more information

MARTECH has been providing technology and management solutions to the government and private organizations for over 20 years. MARTECH develops innovative and/or optimized solutions for clients with unique and/or complex challenges. During late 1990’s, MARTECH was selected in an independent multi-client study as one of the top three US small/mid-size technology companies. MARTECH provides Smart Manufacturing services including in digitization, Al/ML, Digital Twin, Simulation application, and manpower development/training support services for the electronics, petroleum, petrochemicals, chemicals, plastics, pulp & paper, and building materials industries.

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Visit rdmindustriesinc.com

for more information

RDM Industries is a Extruder, Printer, Bag- Maker & 3M Converter of Flexible films with over 30 years’ experience in the industry. With the incorporation of our 65,000 sq. ft Extrusion, Print & Bagging facility in Tecate, Mexico we have tremendous capacity and capabilities for all your flexible packaging needs. Our clean facilities and wide array of equipment for: slitting, rewinding, die-cutting, laminating and sheeting ensure high quality and precision converting. With headquarters in La Mirada, CA with manufacturing in Tecate, Baja California and sales offices in Chatsworth, CA, we offer films for printing, packaging and a wide range of industrial applications across the USA and beyond. Our facilities are available for trade converting and we specialize in supply chain management from local stocks.

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Visit specmaterials.com

for more information

Specialty Materials has produced advanced fibers and materials for the aerospace, defense, energy and industrial segments of the advanced materials composites industry for more than 50 years. Formerly owned and operated by Textron Systems, they are the world’s leading supplier of the highest quality boron and silicon carbide fiber products and advanced composite materials. Specialty Materials is a woman owned small business that is nimble and decisive in the marketplace.

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