LinkedIn Live: How is Smart Manufacturing Impacting Technology & Culture

Jake Hall, also known as The Manufacturing Millennial, interviewed CESMII CEO, John Dyck, along with four leaders from our newest CESMII Smart Manufacturing Innovation Centers (SMICs) about what’s next in workforce development and how the democratization of Smart Manufacturing will support manufacturers on their journey.

Please see individual links below for sections of the event:

Jake Hall, The Manufacturing Millennial & John Dyck, CEO, CESMII

Jake Hall and John Dyck introduce CESMII – The Smart Manufacturing Institute and the discussion on what’s next in the workforce development and how Smart Manufacturing will support manufacturers on their journey.

Sherri McCleary, Executive Director, The Digital Foundry at New Kensington

Sherri addresses why is it important to be working with the local development and educating around
Smart Manufacturing.

Ragu Athinarayanan, SMIC Director & Professor, Purdue University

Ragu addresses how is the data in cloud impacting Smart Manufacturing and reducing the barrier
to adoption in using the data. 

Ryan Cahalane, President, Industrial Tech, Feyen Zylstra

Ryan addresses leveraging partners and manufacturers in the industry to support small and medium manufacturers and create skilled trades and workforce programs.

Nick Barendt, Executive Director, Case Western Reserve University
Nick addresses the collaboration of SMIC centers and the expertise in education, academia and integration in Smart Manufacturing.

Panelists Q&A

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