Public Launch: USCAR Roadmap for Automotive Smart Manufacturing

Public Launch: USCAR Roadmap for Automotive Smart Manufacturing

USCAR & CESMII, in collaboration with leading industry partners - Ford, General Motors & Stellantis, invite you to join this free, immersive workshop and delve into the transformative world of Smart Manufacturing.

The United States Council for Automotive Research LLC (USCAR) announced the publication of its Roadmap for Automotive Smart Manufacturing for standards-based openness and interoperability of platforms and applications to enable a more productive, competitive and resilient automotive manufacturing environment in the U.S. The roadmap’s scope includes strategies to improve interoperability of manufacturing systems and to break down digital silos of legacy platforms.

The event will commence with insights from a US Congressional Member, the Vice President of Strategic Technology Initiatives from General Motors, and the Deputy Director of the Department of Energy. The workshop will be overseen by the USCAR Manufacturing Technology Leadership Council, comprised of Mike Bastain from Ford, Jeff Abell from General Motors, and John McKenzie from Stellantis, and will include a high level overview of the Roadmap, and how it will transform the US automotive industry’s approach to productivity and value creation through Smart Manufacturing.

Working Agenda (NOT FINAL)

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