Roadmap for Automotive Smart Manufacturing

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    The Automotive manufacturing landscape continues to face enormous headwinds, putting stress on every aspect of the business, including the global supply network. Adding to that is the market move toward electrification, new sustainability requirements, and significant worker retention issues. OEMs are being forced to re-examine every aspect of their business, paving the way for a more resilient and collaborative approach to address these challenges. The post-pandemic move toward supply chain regionalization is also adding stress to an already heavily burdened manufacturing workforce.

    This is further exacerbated by the unprecedented reality that manufacturing productivity by worker is at historic lows – and still declining – here in the US. While the reasons for this decline are multi-faceted, there is a growing sense of urgency that we need to improve US manufacturing productivity, competitiveness, and resilience. All of this points to a critical need to rethink the way we use data to empower people and inform strategies, both for real time operations and on a longer horizon for resource planning and predictions.

    This Roadmap for Automotive Smart Manufacturing focuses on three vital strategies that will enable a more productive, competitive, and resilient automotive manufacturing environment in the United States. We will address the need for a connected workforce, resilient and modern manufacturing IT infrastructure, and a Smart Manufacturing Mindset that will foster innovation and collaboration with all key stakeholder groups, including suppliers, technology partners, machine builders, system integrators, etc.

    Connected Workforce

    Collaborative strategies enabling plants connected to the enterprise and supply chains for real-time data-driven business orchestration.

    Goal: flexible and agile processes and supply chains easily reconfigured for changing market demands

    Modern Manufacturing IT Infrastructure

    Enable innovation through application and data interoperability based on standardized, open interfaces that eliminate data silos, stovepipe architectures and vendor lock-in.

    Goal: reduce complexity, and improve efficiency and innovation agility

    Smart Manufacturing Mindset

    Develop a Smart Manufacturing Mindset™, aligning education, workforce development and continuous improvement strategies to create data driven cultures.

    Goal: organizational structures that align resources and people for SM success

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    The Roadmap for Automotive Smart Manufacturing will be presented to the public for the first time at the CESMII Annual Member Meeting held at SOUTHTEC October 24-26 in Greenville, SC. 

    Join us at the event to network and share ideas with industry leaders.