Real World proof of concept installations delivering value for CESMII members through use of the Smart Manufacturing Innovation Platform, Profiles and Apps

Three Application Projects are defined in this Project Round

Three Application Project proposals have moved to the Contracting Phase.  Application Projects demonstrate the capabilities of the Smart Manufacturing Innovation Platform through real-world use cases.  Project teams leverage the CESMII technology infrastructure and provide all cost share.

  • Connecticut Center for Advanced Technology, Inc. (CCAT) application project: “Onboarding Small – Medium Manufacturers (SMMs) to Smart Manufacturing, through CESMII”.The project goal is to compel SMMs to implement Smart Manufacturing (SM) principles that include use of the CESMII Smart Manufacturing Innovation Platform™. The introductory application will be focused on analyzing the energy footprint of manufactured parts. To accomplish this goal, CCAT will demonstrate to SMMs a straightforward method to utilize existing CESMII SM Platform™ tools in a manufacturing environment. Read More

  • TechSolve, the Ohio Manufacturing Extension Partnership, application project: “EDGE Computing for MTConnect Machine and Process Monitoring for AI-Based Prognostics and Health Management (PHM)”.The objectives of this project include implementation of the CESMII Smart Manufacturing Innovation Platform at TechSolve, developing strategies and algorithms for data processing, signal feature selection, aggregation and fusion necessary for estimation of the remaining useful life of selected elements (e.g. bearings or cutting tools). The capability will be integrated into a transferable solution, deploy-able for other manufacturing assets and industrial sites. In addition, this project will demonstrate the process health monitoring technologies to CESMII and the manufacturing community representing various industries. Read More

  • Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute (RPI) application project: “Building Machine Profiles for the Smart Manufacturing Innovation Platform™ via a Common Interface”.The primary objectives of this project are to develop a CESMII Innovation Platform Profile template for CNC and other common machine tools and demonstrate a user-friendly procedure for building profiles via a common interface to collect/ingest and contextualize operational data from legacy manufacturing and machine tool systems. The project involves working with CESMII to design a methodology to develop device profiles for the Smart Manufacturing Innovation Platform™ related to legacy and computer numerical-controlled machine tools. Read More