“Herein lies the challenge for operational technology, however. A Generative pre-Trained Transformer’s (GPT) performance heavily relies on the data set that was used to train it, and this is where the manufacturing industry faces tremendous headwinds.”

John Louka

Application Engineer, CESMII - The Smart Manufacturing Institute

Where ‘clean data’ is available in information technology domains, Gen-AI uses should flourish in IT. But there will be headwinds for the once-in-a-generation technology on the OT side.

AI garnered a truckload of hype in 2023, with large questions about its utility to make manufacturing even “smarter,” but 2024 promises that artificial intelligence could back up the buzz. Here comes the new Crystal Ball Report, which examines the issues around AI in industry plus the growing buy-in for digital transformation overall and other topics of interest such as cybersecurity, IoT, cloud computing, machine learning, digital twins, the convergence of OT and IT, and more. Find it all by downloading the latest CBR from Smart Industry and sponsor Yokogawa and learn from two dozen esteemed industry thoughtleaders.