“Our goal as a national institution is to make all manufacturing Smart Manufacturing 2030. To make that happen you have to impact all manufacturers – all industries and all sizes – at a regional level, one by one.”

Howard Goldberg


To wrap up 2023, we welcomed some behind-the-scenes CESMII team members to this month’s discussion. These folks are instrumental in CESMII’s success but rarely find themselves on this side of the camera. Together we’re reflecting on 2023 milestones, achievements, and shared learnings for our community. We close with advice for making 2024 the year of Smart Manufacturing.

Download the full episode to hear our panelists share their top accomplishments from 2023 and what 2024 has in store for CESMII.

Top 5 Takeaways (also known as our proudest moments of 2023)

  1. We reached a lot of people! This year, we set out to tell the Smart Manufacturing story in a way that everyone – regardless of job function – can understand and we’ve made a ton of progress in doing so. Our launch of the Smart Manufacturing Mindset has garnered hundreds of live attendees each month with over 500 podcast downloads on demand. We’ve published content, sent out newsletters, attended & presented at events, visited the White House, and worked with seven Smart Manufacturing Innovation Centers (SMICs) to reach the masses.
  2. Our ecosystem is growing and engaged. CESMII welcomed 32 new members in 2023 and those new members have actively joined existing members to champion the mission of CESMII. Together we are solving common problems, so that solutions will be broadly accessible by US manufacturers.
  3. SM execution through education and innovation centers. Providing local resources and hands-on learning, CESMII advanced manufacturing degrees and programs with high schools, universities, and community colleges. In addition, using our seven centers of excellence locations, manufacturers of all sizes and industries brought their challenges to our SMICs where SM tools and solutions were demonstrated to help solve them.
  4. CESMII technology is facilitating reusability. In 2023, the technical team invested in building and enabling the technology components for our members. Our cloud library now connects profiles directly to the marketplace, making it easy for members to leverage all the great work our ecosystem has been doing.
  5. Smart Manufacturing is more than a trend. In previous episodes, panelists have discussed how SM should be a core competency engrained in manufacturing. With over 59 funded research projects, the CESMII team continues to make SM a reality for US manufacturers of all sizes.

As you look towards 2024, we challenge you to get involved, get educated, and get started on your SM journey. Go into the process with your end goal in mind. Look at your strategy, your team, and your supply chain, and remember that Smart Manufacturing is more than a technology conversation. If you need help at any stage of your journey, reach out to CESMII for support.

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