The Cloud Library Information Model Sharing Initiative


OPC UA Cloud LibraryThe OPC Foundation has announced a major step in the ability to share OPC UA Information Models, through the initiative called the Cloud Library.  CESMII, has standardized on OPC UA Information Models as a component of the Smart Manufacturing Innovation Platform and Profiles (CESMII Information Models).  The key to new levels of innovation and performance will only be achieved when information, and associated context, can flow freely in the enterprise, to users and applications that need that information.  The Cloud Library is a strategic component for delivering reusable Information Models.  CESMII will leverage the Cloud Library and extend those information models with greater context, sharing those Profiles, along with a directory of industry applications that support them, on the CESMII Smart Manufacturing (SM) Marketplace.

There is now a Release Candidate, created by the Cloud Library Working Group (including CESMII).


Release Candidate: OPC 11020-1 – UA for Cloud Library

Part 1 of the Companion Specification for Cloud Library (OPC 11020-1) has been completed by the working group.
Cloud Library refers to an internet-hosted database containing OPC UA information models and / or OPC UA Address Spaces. This database can be made publicly accessible through a RESTful interface. User access control will be handled through a separate identity provider.
This first part specifies the overall architecture and the use cases.

With respect to OPC IPR clause 2 we wish to inform you that this specification is now available as Release Candidate for members-only at this location:

  • The commenting period ends on 2021-08-29.
  • The review period to opt out claims ends on 2021-09-28.
  • To provide comments please use the following Email address: and read the section “How to comment” here.