Jonathan Wise – Overview and Strategy Around Information Model Sharing


About Jonathan

Jonathan Wise is CESMII’s VP of Technology and Chief Architect for a combination of technologies and ideas that make up CESMII’s Smart Manufacturing Innovation Platform. Jonathan’s background includes more than 20 years in developing information software products for manufacturing technology, influencing architecture decisions and technology implementations across consumer and industrial product development, and leading engineering teams. When not working on national manufacturing challenges, he can often be found outdoors with his kids or holding a soldering iron over a retro computer, hoping this next capacitor is the one that will bring it back to life.


CESMII’s VP of Technology, Jonathan Wise, provides an overview of CESMII and our participation in the OPC Foundation Joint Working Group (JWG) on the Cloud Library, a solution to share and exchange OPC UA Information Models.

00:00 – Welcome
00:18 – About CESMII and our funding and purpose.
00:56 – Our overarching goal is to democratize Smart Manufacturing. This is our strategy.
02:26 – We identified the missing piece in 2020. The Cloud Library working group for sharing OPC UA Information Models.
03:15 – Use Case 1 – Using the Information Model for offline configuration.
03:50 – Use Case 2 – A formal reference specification for an Information Model.
04:20 – Use Case 3 – Downloading a Namespace for Client Application Development.
04:42 – Use Case 4 – Attach Namespaces to existing machines for standardization.
05:20 – This will accelerate implementations and deliver error proofing and developer performance improvements.
05:48 – Example of a namespace development tool. Beeond.
06:33 – VDMA Robot Information Model Demo of existing models that can be used, but few and far between. We need better tools for creating and sharing namespaces.
07:26 – Cloud Library Companion Specification – Deliver prebuilt information models.
08:10 – Sheffield University – Advanced manufacturing research center – Leverage the OPC UA Information Model over MQTT for example. We can use standard information models in many ways, if we have a standard place to put them and find them.
08:30 – REST API will offer functions for FindAddressSpace, DownloadAddressSpace, UploadAddressSpace, and ValidateAddressSpace. And more…
09:16 – We see future tools for importing existing models, to be able to consume and export models for sharing publicly.
09:52 – Microsoft is also imagining the use of these Information Models.
10:10 – CESMII Members, with their own technologies, will be using these Information Models.
10:57 – CESMII will be one of the first implementers of the JWG initiative outcomes, as the CESMII Smart Manufacturing Marketplace.
11:08 – The current state of the JWG. Initial Draft is complete. Prototype development is underway.
12:04 – How to get involved. Contact