Manufacturing Happy Hour Podcast

Smart Manufacturing goes way beyond being just a buzzword. It’s a movement and mindset taking the industry by storm. But what does it really mean, what are the key benefits and how can manufacturing leaders get started today?

We were honored to host Manufacturing Happy Hour host Chris Luecke at the Smart Manufacturing Experience at SOUTHTEC last month where he was onsite asking industry experts these questions. In this special bonus episode, seven manufacturing leaders, and members of the CESMII ecosystem, shared their own definitions of Smart Manufacturing, the secrets behind the successful digital transformations they’ve overseen and the best ways to adopt a Smart Manufacturing mindset.

Guests in this episode include:

Sudhi Bangalore – Founding Partner & CEO, FullBore

Mike Tomasco – VP, Pfizer Digital

Patrick Gaughan – Partner, Axiom Manufacturing Systems

Aldo Ferrante – CIO, SORBA.ai

Michael Clark – Director, OPC Foundation

Erich Barnstedt – Chief Architect, Standards, Consortia & Industrial IoT, Azure Edge & Platform, Microsoft

Katherine Cahalane – Founder & CEO, BennitAI

Stay tuned for part 2 with more inspirational manufacturing leaders next month!

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Breaking Down Data Silos:

Why Smart Manufacturing Needs Standardization

How do we make smart manufacturing part of our DNA in America? What’s preventing small and midsized companies from adopting smart technology? How do we build a workforce capable of undergoing a digital transformation?

These are the questions CESMII is working on, under the leadership of CEO John Dyck, who joins the podcast to talk about the democratization of smart manufacturing.

From the challenges in rapidly training and retaining new employees to the growing significance of data engineering, we discuss the changing manufacturing landscape in the U.S. Is the convergence of Information Technology (IT) and Operational Technology (OT) an absolute necessity for smart manufacturing? How is the technical debt accumulated over the last three decades influencing manufacturers today?

Join us as we delve into the intricacies of data acquisition, efforts to standardize data architectures, the IT/OT convergence, micro-credentialing, and other factors that will instill in our listeners a “smart manufacturing mindset.”

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Smart Manufacturing Mindset™:

Supply Chain Data Exchange (IM-X)

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CESMII announced our involvement in the International Management-X (IM-X) Council a few short weeks ago. Join our next Smart Manufacturing Mindset LinkedIn Live webcast to learn more about the IM-X Council, its role in connecting global supply chains, and how CESMII and its ecosystem can help shape a smarter, more interconnected future in manufacturing.


🎙️ John Dyck, CEO at CESMII

🎙️ Matthias Bölke, Vice President Strategy Industrial Automation at Schneider Electric & Steering Committee Member at Plattform Industrie 4.0

🎙️ Mike Tomasco, VP of Digital Manufacturing, AI, Operational Excellence at Pfizer

Join series host Mike Yost and the rest of the CESMII ecosystem next week to understand the value that leaders from Germany, Austria, France, Australia, Canada, South Korea, Japan, Italy, the Netherlands, and the U.S. see in the following strategic initiatives:

• Connecting value chains and manufacturing data networks across supply chains, industries, and countries

• Implementing global foundations for data-driven, resilient, sovereign, and climate-neutral production covering the full product lifecycle

• Enabling innovative value creation in an interoperable and sovereign data ecosystem.

This news is hot off the press.

Don’t miss your chance to get in on the ground floor of such an exciting initiative!

Join us December 19th at 1:00PM EST for a Year in Review Recap


Industry 4.0 Club: Lightbulb Moments in Smart Manufacturing Adoption

There’s a sense of accomplishment

when we’re helping someone and there’s a lightbulb moment.

Olivia Morales, Solutions Architect at CESMII joined the Industry 4.0 Club this month to discuss working with organizations on Industry 4.0 projects.

#industry40 #lightbulbmoments #womeninmanufacturing

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Haresh Malkani & Jim Davis represented CESMII in the Manufacturing Panel Discussion at the U.S. Department of Energy (DOE)‘s AMMTO workshop focused on Conductivity-enhanced materials for Affordable, Breakthrough, Leapfrog Electric and thermal applications (CABLE) this week.

CABLE is a Big Idea initiative that was established by U.S. DOE in 2020 to enable U.S. manufacturers to leapfrog international competition by upgrading the fundamental materials and applications that support grid reliability and other electric and thermal energy systems.

The goal of this workshop was to inform stakeholders about ongoing and newly launched initiatives in the CABLE ecosystem, highlighting conductivity materials efforts led by various DOE agencies.

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The Digital Foundry, in partnership with Penn State New Kensington (The Pennsylvania State University), is offering the Level 3 Digital Manufacturing Professional certificate program. Module 1 will be conducted online from November 20 to 22, 2023, with Modules 2-4 taking place in person from December 12 to 15, 2023. This program is tailored for engineers and technologists currently working in manufacturing.

In this 40-hour workshop, you’ll delve into the practical application of Smart Manufacturing technologies including applied sensing and IIoT devices, data analytics and visualization, digital automation, and digital twins. Upon successful completion, you’ll receive a Digital Manufacturing Professional Certificate from Penn State, recognized for Professional Engineering (PE) continuing education credits.

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Artificial Intelligence Tools

Reduce Costly Faults in Steel Production 

CESMII invests in Smart Manufacturing innovation through projects with funds

awarded by the U.S. Department of Energy (DoE). CESMII manages projects in collaboration with our entire ecosystem. The objective of these projects is to develop emerging technologies, drive research and innovation – delivering on our mission to democratize Smart Manufacturing.

The project objective is to demonstrate an automated metal strip break classification system that is capable of predicting the reason for a ‘strip break’ event. 

⬇ 94% 

94% reduction in time required to classify and analyze strip breaks. 

⬆ $40k 

Reduction in time required for a Process Engineer to manually measure,

analyze and classify strip breaks will improve personnel productivity by $40K annually per cold rolling line. 

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Magic Software Enterprises: FactoryEye Partners with CESMII to Deliver Real-time Actionable Intelligence to Mid-size Manufacturers

We are thrilled to announce that Magic Software Enterprises Partnered with CESMII to Deliver Real-time Actionable Intelligence to Mid-size Manufacturers 👏👏👏

FactoryEye North America is a division of Magic Software Enterprises Ltd., a global provider of business integration and decision support solutions. FactoryEye powered by Magic Software’s IoT platform is the solution that medium-size manufacturers turn to on their path to Industry 4.0. FactoryEye’s unique solution is intuitive, designed for rapid implementation that doesn’t require changing existing systems and infrastructure.

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Learn more at dianomic.com/

Dianomic is an industrial software company. Dianomic’s FogLAMP Suite is an edge software platform that delivers intelligent OT data pipelines, edge applications and edge MLOPs for industrial users; A foundation for data management. Dianomic joins CESMII to have market awareness of the challenges faced by organizations adopting new SM technologies. Membership with CESMII will also provide Dianomic with the opportunity to collaborate with the community to guide industrial enterprises to a data-centric smart manufacturing approach. Dianomic’s representative, Enrique Herrera, has been a previous CESMII board member while at OSIsoft. 

Learn more at njmep.org/

In 1996, the New Jersey Manufacturing Extension Program Inc. (NJMEP) was established by the Department of Commerce and The National Institute of Standards & Technology. Since inception NJMEP programs and best practices have expanded to include planning, energy, tech transfer, innovation engineering and a host of other tools to drive the quality levels, productivity levels and profitability of the businesses it has served in New Jersey. NJMEP has created an Operations Team to support the CESMII Opportunities. These areas of interest include research and development, conservation, training curriculum, certifications, workforce assessment and advocacy. NJMEP continues to work closely with Governor Murphy’s Office, the Manufacturing Caucus and the New Jersey Economic Development Authority in meeting New Jersey’s Energy Reduction Initiatives.

Manufacturing Leadership Council –

Manufacturing in 2030

Manufacturing in 2030: The Coming Data Value Revolution is a two-day event with a focus on Data Value, People and Process, and Technology that aims to help manufacturers envision what a data-driven manufacturing industry might look like by 2030. You’ll be able to better plan a longer-term future and identify new strategies to enhance productivity, value, and competitiveness with precision and confidence.

December 6, 2023

Keynote: The Rise of Data Ecosystem


John Dyck, CEO, CESMII

Panel: Perspectives on Data Ecosystems


John Dyck, CEO of CESMII

Siva Gurupackiam, Senior VP of Industry Solutions, Manufacturing, NTT DATA

Andrea Kates, Innovation Advisor & Co-Founder, Suma Ventures

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North Carolina State University SMIC

Smart Manufacturing Workshop

CESMII was thrilled to host a SM Workshop at the NCSU SMIC earlier this month.

NC State’s Paper Pilot Plant Smart Manufacturing Innovation Center’s core mission is the demonstration of the Smart Manufacturing (SM) Platform™ and development of the SM infrastructure for next generation of workforce training and research in strong partnership with the CESMII (Clean Energy Smart Manufacturing Innovation Institute) and industrial partners. NC State’s SMIC comprises facilities across campus from forest biomaterials, biomanufacturing, nonwovens textiles, and industrial system engineering.

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CESMII is Hitting the Road!

Discover the future of manufacturing at our NEW Smart Manufacturing Showcase Roadshow Event! Witness the latest Industry 4.0 technologies in action, gain profound insights from in-depth presentations, and get hands-on with interactive demonstrations. Join us in 2024 as we continue our journey across the United States, bringing the

Smart Manufacturing revolution to your doorstep.

Planning for early 2024 is in process for events in:

Texas, Tennessee, Washington, Indiana and Missouri

Don’t miss out – stay tuned for roadshow dates near you!

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December 13, 2023

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