Manufacturing Leadership Council – Manufacturing in 2030

Manufacturing Leadership Council – Manufacturing in 2030

Manufacturing in 2030: The Coming Data Value Revolution is a two-day event with a focus on Data Value, People and Process, and Technology that aims to help manufacturers envision what a data-driven manufacturing industry might look like by 2030. You’ll be able to better plan a longer-term future and identify new strategies to enhance productivity, value, and competitiveness with precision and confidence.

John Dyck, CEO, CESMII -The Smart Manufacturing Institute

The Rise of Data Ecosystems (9:30-10:00a, December 6) : Data sharing initiatives are cropping up around the world and taking both horizontal and vertical industry forms such as in pharma and in automotive. Most prominent are the Manufacturing-X, Gaia-X, and Catena-X initiatives. The underlying trend that is driving their formation is the need for companies and their supplier and partners to share and use data in a way that benefits all. This session will explain what these ecosystems are, their goals, and the challenges they face in establishing trust among partners as well governance and technical issues inherent with data sharing.

John Dyck, CEO of CESMII , Siva Gurupackiam, Senior VP of Industry Solutions, Manufacturing, NTT DATA and  Andrea Kates, Innovation Advisor & Co-Founder, Suma Ventures

Panel Discussion on Perspectives on Data Ecosystems(10:00-10:30a, December 6) : This follow-up to the Rise of Data Ecosystems session will bring together key observers of the ecosystem trend from industry who will share their thoughts about the viability of emerging ecosystems and how important they will be for manufacturers to participate in in the future and what it will take to be successful to do so.

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