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2023 Annual CESMII Member Meeting

We would like to invite you to join us for Smart Manufacturing Experience at SOUTHTEC, the home of our 2023 Annual CESMII Member Meeting, October 24-26 in Greenville, SC.

Smart Manufacturing Experience @ SOUTHTEC event enables manufacturers to get inspired and educated about emerging technologies that upskill the workforce, improve quality and advance the future of manufacturing.

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Smart Manufacturing Mindset™:

Think Differently About IT/OT Convergence

This month the CESMII & SME LinkedIn Live series, Smart Manufacturing Mindset™, focused on Thinking Differently About IT/OT Convergence.

Top Takeaways: IT/OT Convergence
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Modern Maker, AKA, John Louka

If you’ve had the privilege of working with CESMII Application Engineer, John Louka you’ll understand why he was named as one of Manufacturing USA‘s Modern Makers.

Louka, describes his job at CESMII as a glorified puzzle solver. He works with manufacturers on how to apply machine learning, AI, virtual reality, augmented reality, and more into their automation and operations.

When the puzzle pieces come together, the manufacturer is able to achieve productivity gains by dramatically improving process control, energy efficiency, equipment reliability, safety, quality, and more.

Meet CESMII’s Modern Maker

Throughout the month of May, the team headed to Washington DC multiple times to meet with our government agencies including Manufacturing USA, NIST, DOE and DOD.

DOE AMMTO Peer Review

The CESMII team attended the DOE AMMTO Peer Review. CEO John Dyck, CTO Haresh Malkani and VP of Ecosystem & Workforce Conrad Leiva provided presentations over the 2 day event. Posters and readouts are available below.

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Manufacturing USA & NIST Network Meeting

Council set up to foster collaboration among the MfgUSA institutes and to work with NIST AMNPO in carrying out the functions of MfgUSA. CEOs of all institutes were involved in the event.

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Last month CESMII CTO Haresh Malkani and members of his team visited the UCLA Smart Manufacturing Innovation Center (SMIC) facilities touring the Chemical and Biological Engineering (CBE) and Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering (MAE) departments.

🤔 Did you know?

➡️ Above and beyond being the home for CESMIIUCLA also hosts two SM Innovation Center facilities that are focused on implementing SM technologies for rapid development and testing of measurement systems and predictive models for chemical and mechanical processes.

➡️ They also provide an R&D environment for pressure testing CESMII’s SM Innovation Platform capabilities. UCLA’s high performance computing infrastructure and facilities have the potential to be leveraged for development of data driven and physics based predictive models for Smart Manufacturing.

Special thanks to the UCLA Office of Advanced Research Computing, CBE and MAE staff and the facilities that are supporting the mission of CESMII, and for hosting the team in sunny LA.

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Tech Talk Tuesday:

Define Your Smart Manufacturing Strategy

Learn about our latest tools to help define your smart manufacturing strategy and journey with representatives from CESMII and NxGen. This industry-proven framework can provide direction for businesses of any size or stage in their smart technology adoption.

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Smart Manufacturing: Building Your Strategic Roadmap

Having trouble navigating Industry 4.0 and smart manufacturing? Want to accelerate realizing their benefits by building a strategy around how they fit into your organization?

You can get started on addressing these as soon as June 5th by joining other manufacturing professionals in this upcoming, 4-week, expert-led program offered by Rensselaer at Work.


Education and Consulting Services are offering two special offers for members:

CESMII | Tooling-U SM Fundmentals e-Learning program and engagement with NxGen Roadmapping Tools. For more information contact education@cesmii.org.

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Smart Manufacturing Controls Result in a 20 kiloton per year Reduction in CO2 Emissions at Cement Plant

Develop a Smart Manufacturing control system for cement production by implementing predictive process models, data analytics, sensors and machine learning, The control algorithms will be developed in partnership with ARGOS USA Cement and result in improved energy-efficiencies and product quality.


Potential to reduce energy consumption by 30% when smart sensors and controls are implemented at the production plant.


A 5% reduction in energy consumption will save $1 million in annual energy costs at the production plant.

20kt CO2

A 5% reduction in energy consumption will decrease CO2 emissions by 20 kilotons annually at the production plant.

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Join us June 7th at 2:00PM EST

The future of manufacturing will be driven by companies that are focused on sustainable manufacturing methodologies and actions which deliver significant profit margins. Many manufacturing companies have made commitments and initiated projects to deliver on sustainability goals. However, the outcomes of these projects must pass the NPV, IRR and ROI financial requirements.

Join us June 7th at 2:00PM EST to learn results of a recent study done by Forbes Insights and hear perspectives at the intersection of sustainability and profitability from CESMII CEO John DyckSAS Head of IoT Industry Consulting Bryan Saunders and SAS Global Manufacturing Strategic Advisor Charles Phillips

Key takeaways:

💡 Learn about the future of manufacturing and what solutions will help deliver the value required to deliver on these commitments

💡 See how manufacturers view the state of their sustainability efforts.


Vertech Partners With CESMII To Expand Their Strategic Focus on Smart Manufacturing

Vertech, an innovative systems integrator with a wide breadth of services and offerings has joined as the newest member of CESMII 🎉 🎉

Vertech offers next-generation automation services to a number of vertical markets, including food and beverage, solar energy, water/wastewater, airports and general manufacturing.

They look forward to partnering with CESMII to leverage our vendor-agnostic tools, capabilities and methodologies, as well as technology strategies that support interoperability and a focus on reducing complexity, cost and the total cost of ownership for their clients.

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Welcome New CESMII Members

Visit solablock.com

for more information

SolaBlock, Inc. is a final assembly manufacturer and wholesaler of solar masonry wall systems based on our patented Solar Masonry Unit (SMU). An SMU is a solar module thermally bonded and imbedded into a concrete masonry unit (block) for use in both the commercial private-sector building market, as well as the municipal, university, school, and hospital (MUSH) construction sector.

The SMU wall system components will be sourced from multiple subordinate manufacturers, with SolaBlock conducting final quality assurance, labeling, inventory, and customer fulfillment at its own facility in Pittsfield, Massachusetts. SolaBlock will be tracking interim production at each step, plus completing the final potting of the solar modules into the SMU substrates prior to sale. The company will be standing up a sales, service, and educational team to help with proper installation and recognition of proper applications of SMU wall systems in the built environment.

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