March 2023 Newsletter

Check out our new webinar series where we challenge guests to think differently about Smart Manufacturing. We’ll explore the nuances that hide in plain sight – behind the acronyms and techno-jargon – to get to the truths that hold real value for real people. Hosted by Bennit founder and former CESMII Executive, Mike Yost, this series will guide you through the latest trends, insights and experiences to help you understand how digital technologies can revolutionize your business, if you have the right mindset.

Take a fresh approach to industrial digital transformation and drive your business. Don’t miss out on this exciting opportunity to learn, grow, and innovate with us.

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Urgent Need for a National Smart Manufacturing Plan

At the encouragement of Congress, and based on the national imperative and need to address smart manufacturing challenges, the Department of Engineering sponsored the National Academies of Sciences, Engineering and Medicine (NAE) to commission an official study called “Options for National Plan on Smart Technology Development and Deployment.” A committee, comprised of a cross-section of industry, academia and non-profits was appointed by NAE to help develop the study recommendations which will inform policy, funding, and potential legislation. Over the past month, 3 separate workshops have taken place to gather information.

CESMII CEO John Dyck had the opportunity to present in the Workshop on the Broader Impacts of Smart Manufacturing focusing on the Top 5 Challenges faced by US Manufacturing on our current trajectory and CESMII’s impact.

Additionally, 14 members of the Smart Manufacturing Executive Council contributed to the study in a closed-door session. Outcomes of the study will be shared in the coming months.

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Shaping Digital Ecosystems Globally

CESMII‘s VP of Technology, Jonathan Wise is gearing up to attend HANNOVER MESSE in a few weeks.

You can catch him representing the USA on the Industrie 4.0 Conference Stage Wednesday, April 19th during the Shaping Digital Ecosystems Globally Panel where experts from around the world will discuss the importance of global efforts to create open, digital, and sustainable ecosystems through international cooperation.

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Smart and Sustainable Manufacturing Systems

ASTM International is taking the lead on smart manufacturing. Submit your paper and advance the measurement science, standards and protocols, and tools needed to design, analyze, and control smart manufacturing systems based on a cyber-physical infrastructure for digital manufacturing.

Information Modeling

  • Material information modeling across the product life cycle
  • Cyber-Physical System modeling and architecture
  • Digital thread, digital twin for subtractive and additive manufacturing


Advanced Manufacturing and Infrastructure

  • Machine-to-machine communications and multi-layer networks and control
  • Life cycle engineering, resource optimization, and sustainability
  • Supply chain and value chain modeling
  • Energy efficiency and decarbonization


Computing and Analytics 

  • Real-time data analytics for predictive modeling for manufacturing system performance
  • Uncertainty quantification and propagation, including verification and validation
  • AI for machine tools for prediction and control—from automation to autonomy
  • Cyber security framework and industrial control systems for manufacturing and Industrial Internet of Things

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The CESMII team and ecosystem is widely represented in the latest “Who’s Who in Industry 4.0 Top 50 Influencers to Follow” rankings released March 21, 2023 by Onalytica. Not only did CEO John Dyck and VP of Ecosystem and Workforce Conrad Leiva make the list, but so many familiar faces and supporters of CESMII were also represented.

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Overview: Smart Manufacturing Roadmapping Tools

During the RPI Innovation Center Grand Opening March 28, Jim Wetzel, Co-Founder, NxGen Group and CESMII member gave the opening keynote outlining the process of working with CESMII Roadmap tools and their value.

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Smart Manufacturing – Why It Matters and How to Achieve It

Join Conrad Leiva, VP Ecosystem and Workforce Education, CESMII and Jim Wetzel, Co-founder, NxGen Group May 16th from 12:00-4:00 as they provide an educational workshop on Smart Manufacturing and why it is critically important to implement now to secure the future success of your manufacturing operations. 

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A Suite of Marketplace Applications for Implementing Industry Driven Manufacturing Use Cases:

There is a need in manufacturing, especially for SMMs, to have access to low-cost IIoT technology choices. Low-cost technology enables manufacturers to learn and get value from Smart Manufacturing. The main target of this project by 5G Technologies USA was to demonstrate the ease of implementation and utilization of pre-built software applications and data access through the SM Innovation Platform and structured information models (SM Profiles). Three use cases were selected to verify savings in energy performance, asset performance and production performance at Wipro component manufacturing. The 5G BorgConnect hardware connected analog sensors, acted as the edge computer and connected multiple nodes.

Results included the following: 

  1. Reduction of 15-20% in unplanned downtime 
  2. Improve OEE by 2% 
  3. Reduction of deployment cost between $65k-90k 
  4. Reduction of planning time and improve oversight of actual production. 
  5. Implementation of Production Traceability – visibility of production work orders 
  6. Elimination of Paper Records & Reduction of Non-Value-Added Labor (NVL) by 2.5 hours/day, $60,000/year 
  7. Energy savings currently under evaluation based of energy utilization schedule. 

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SAS and CESMII at ARC Forum 2023

Disruption and transformation are never easy, but an effective ecosystem can improve thinking and accelerate adoption. SAS and CESMII are advocating for these important transformations by enabling manufacturers to apply #AI and advanced analytics to solve their most pressing challenges.

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Welcome New CESMII Members

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Vertech Industrial Systems, LLC is dedicated to providing the best industrial automation solutions possible. Vertech designs and implements traditional automation systems, SCADA systems, MES solutions, and OT networks for customers in virtually every industry, including energy, water, food and beverage, manufacturing, baggage handling, mining, and more.

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RPI Smart Manufacturing Innovation Center:

Grand Opening

This past week, the CESMII team was proud to support Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute in its Grand Opening of its Smart Manufacturing Innovation Center. The Manufacturing Innovation Network, powered by the Center for Economic Growth, supported the opening which included an introductory workshop on Smart Manufacturing and why it is critically important to implement now to secure the future success of your manufacturing operations. The presentations from the event can be found here.

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Upcoming Events

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April 17-21

Hannover Messe

Jonathan Wise, VP of Technology at CESMII will be representing the team at Hannover Messe and participating in a panel and global decarbonization demo.

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April 19

Talent & Technology Showcase

Manufacturing Works’ Talent & Technology Showcase addresses the needs of our manufacturing members in two important areas: talent and technology. It is clear that for many companies, customer demand is strong, and your greatest challenges are related to getting product out the door in a timely fashion. There are two ways to meet higher production goals, adding more workers and increasing productivity.

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April 23-26


John Dyck will be the keynote speaker for the upcoming TAPPICon 2023 in Atlanta, GA, April 22-26. TAPPICon focuses on key industry segments including: paper, tissue, reliability & maintenance and recycled paperboard. The program also addresses topics affecting women in industry and young professionals.


April 24-26

Impact Summit: Manufacturing + R&D Summit

John Dyck will be offering a fresh perspective on “The Urgent Need to Accelerate the Adoption of Smart Manufacturing in the US”. Register and use special code JDYCSPK-VIP.

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June 27-29

Connected Manufacturing Forum

The Connected Manufacturing Forum is where you will benchmark your digital enterprise strategy, create your blueprint, promote effective change management and learn how to become a smarter, more connected manufacturer.

Join 200+ leading Manufacturing, Operations, Technology, Supply Chain and Advanced Engineering executives for a collaborative debate on the latest Industry 4.0 (& 5.0!) trends, challenges and opportunities.

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