Development of A Suite of 3 Market Place Applications for Small & Medium Manufacturers

Project Lead: 5G Technologies USA Ltd. 
Partners: Wipro Limited

Member % Cost Share: 50.02%
CESMII % Cost Share: 49.98%
Duration: 6 Months

Problem Statement

Rising cost of manufacturing, has hindered the US manufacturing sector from being competitive, and consequently, has led to offshoring of manufacturing to other countries. Adoption of Smart Manufacturing Technologies in the US manufacturing sector has been slow, in particular in Small & Medium Manufacturers due to several entry barriers, such as, lack of awareness, high cost of infrastructure and the prevailing non-democratic ecosystem that puts the SMMs at a disadvantage.

Project Goal

  • To establish 3 SM market-place applications within the CESMII SM Innovation Platform in order to enable manufacturers to implement 35 business critical use cases in a frictionless manner. The project shall also demonstrate the removal of the said entry barriers for SMMs and facilitate newer applications to be developed on the platform for democratized use.
  • To generate Actionable Insights to aid informed decision making.
  • Provide recommendations to Achieve Optimality in the wake of Conflicts.  

Technical Approach

35 use cases addressing the 3 areas namely, Energy Performance Improvement (EPI), Production Performance Improvement (PPI) and Asset Performance Improvement (API shall be developed and implemented by leveraging on the SM Profiles, in a SMM Unit.

Key Tasks & Milestones

Task 1: Development of 4 SM Profiles 

    • Milestone 1.4 : Publication of the 4 SM Profiles in the CESMII Profile Library.

Task 2: Development of 3 Market-Place Applications. 

    • Milestone 2.7: Development complete – of the library of application outcomes for each of the 3 market-place applications.

Task 3: Connectivity to the 4 assets at Wipro and implementation of the 3 developed marketplace applications

Potential Impact

  • Business Sustenance
  • Development of new Intellectual Property that may have a global potential
  • Resilient Reshoring & SMM Competitive Advantage


    • Roadmap progress
    • Democratization
    • Proliferation of SMM’s

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