June 2023 Newsletter

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Smart Manufacturing Mindset™:

Think Differently About Sustainable Manufacturing

This month the CESMII & SME LinkedIn Live series, Smart Manufacturing Mindset™, we focused on Sustainable Manufacturing. The US EPA makes a compelling case that sustainable business practices not only bring substantial financial benefits but also contribute to a safer environment, improved employee well-being, and enhanced product safety. But, how many companies know what to measure, what the opportunities for savings and improvements are, or how to get started? You can bet our panelists do!

Hear insights shared by Angélique Terrien, Corporate Engineering Sustainability Vice President, Jeff Kent, VP of Smart Platform Technologies & Innovation, and Steve Skarda, Senior Director of Greenhouse Gas Technical Innovation, from the renowned Procter & Gamble.

Together with Simon Jacobson, Gartner’s VP of Manufacturing, and our engaging series host, Mike Yost, they will delve into the challenges and opportunities presented by sustainability.

Top Takeaways: Sustainable Manufacturing

Join us July 25th at 1:00PM EST to Think Differently about AI in Manufacturing


Manufacturing Happy Hour Podcast

142: How to Accelerate Smart Manufacturing Adoption in the US

with John Dyck, CEO of CESMII

Manufacturing Happy Hour host Chris Luecke sat down (virtually) with CESMII CEO John Dyck over a (hypothetical) beer in one of John’s favorite places, Jackson Hole, Wyoming, to discuss how to accelerate Smart Manufacturing adoption in the US.🍻

  1. Hear what John has learned in his various roles that continue to put him at the bleeding edge of manufacturing technology
  2. The state of Smart Manufacturing adoption in the US and why it’s becoming increasingly urgent to implement these practices
  3. How to adopt these technologies – the technology only being one piece of the puzzle

There will be more Manufacturing Happy Hour collaborations this fall when Chris joins the CESMII | SME team in Greenville, SC October 24-26 for Smart Manufacturing Experience at SOUTHTEC.

Listen Here

2023 Manufacturing USA Network Meeting

Manufacturing USA hosted over 100 participants who attended nine unique sessions with keynotes from White House leadership last month. Session summaries are provided below and copies of the slides are provided here.

Meeting Recap

Blog Post: Leveraging Similarities in Smart Manufacturing and Smart Agriculture

By Conrad Leiva

I recently attended a workshop on Controlled Environment Agriculture, and I believe we can learn from an exchange of lessons learned between Smart Farm and Smart Factory initiatives. Both initiatives have been making good technology implementation advances with industry leaders and large companies. However, on both initiatives, we need to do better with small-medium size companies which make up 90% of the businesses in both agriculture and manufacturing.

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QUICK LOOK: Portable Smart Manufacturing Training System from Amatrol, the 990-SM10!

Smart Manufacturing training on the go! CESMII and Amatrol’s 990-SM10 Portable Smart Manufacturing Training System gives your learners the skills they’ll need for Industry 4.0 environments!

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Education and Consulting Services are offering two special offers for members:

CESMII | Tooling-U SM Fundmentals e-Learning program and engagement with NxGen Roadmapping Tools. For more information contact education@cesmii.org.

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Smart Monitoring of Rolling Mill Bearings Prevents Catastrophic Equipment Failure 

A wireless sensor network will monitor bearing vibration signatures on key mill equipment. The monitoring algorithms provide prognostic indicators that enable predictive maintenance and prevent catastrophic failures that cause unplanned machine downtime. 


Potential to greatly increase manufacturing productivity by reducing equipment downtime.

⬇15% Downtime

Potential to reduce unplanned equipment downtime by 15% when implementing mill monitoring App.


Reduced maintenance and spare parts costs when implementing predictive maintenance protocols.

Download Case Study

SolaBlock Partners SolaBlock, Inc. Partners With CESMII To Focus on Sustainability and Expand Its Smart Manufacturing Resources and Offerings

SolaBlock, an innovative startup in the renewable energy space, has joined as the newest member of CESMII, the Smart Manufacturing Institute.


Selected as one of “10 Startups to Watch in 2021” by Construction Global Magazine, SolaBlock uses photovoltaic-embedded solar masonry units (SMUs) to transform buildings – traditionally massive consumers of energy – into energy producers.

Solablock’s technology offers a novel approach to green construction, changing the building landscape from a passive structure into an active, energy-producing asset.

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We would like to invite you to join us for Smart Manufacturing Experience at SOUTHTEC, the home of our 2023 Annual CESMII Member Meeting, October 24-26 in Greenville, SC.

Smart Manufacturing Experience @ SOUTHTEC event enables manufacturers to get inspired and educated about emerging technologies that upskill the workforce, improve quality and advance the future of manufacturing.

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