“Strategy and technology have to come together to provide sustainable insights that drive innovation.”

Simon Jacobson

Vice President, Manufacturing Operations, Gartner

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Sustainable manufacturing is top of mind for many manufacturers. The value proposition has been clearly laid out when it comes to sustainable business practices not only bringing substantial financial benefits but also contributing to a safer environment, improved employee well-being, and enhanced product safety. Even still, many lack clear business cases for sustainability efforts. Our discussion today includes tips for what companies can measure, what the opportunities for savings and improvements are, and how to get started.

This 50-minute conversation provides considerations for any company on its sustainability journey centered around a few common themes: data, culture, and ecosystem.


Top 5 Takeaways

  1. Sustainable manufacturing reaches all aspects of an organization from supply planning to filling the sales funnel and everything in between.
  2. Historically, manufacturing has a lot of data, and being able to access it, organize it, and structure it was the primary focus. Fast forward to today and the focus is on activating and scaling that data in a meaningful way.
  3. We are asking employees to change the way they work. These employees play a major role in the success of sustainability programs and this culture and mindset shift must be closely monitored and managed.
  4. A mindset shift has evolved in how organizations and people view sustainability. Today, these programs drive significant value and are a source of pride for employees as they play a role in delivering sustainability commitments.
  5. The future of sustainable manufacturing is centered around ecosystems and partners. From innovation to deployment, collaboration is imperative when it comes to optimizing processes and building expertise.

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