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July 2019 Newsletter
CESMII’s 2nd Request for Proposal Release!
(RFP-2-2019, Wave 1)
CESMII recently released our second Request for Proposals for institute Roadmap Projects (RFP-2-2019), unlocking federal investment funding to drive institute projects forward. We will distribute the funding over the course of three (3) waves, each wave released on its own schedule. The total investment for all three waves will be approximately $18,750,000 with 50% in CESMII funding and 50% awardee cost-share requirement.
RFP-2-2019’s Wave 1 release unlocks approximately $6.25M to be allocated toward “Enabling R&D” focus areas of CESMII’s Technology Roadmap. The areas of interest for this wave of the RFP are focused on addressing key cross-industry technical challenges, and cross-industry energy intensive manufacturing processes. Wave 1 of the RFP also intends to ensure involvement of small, medium and large manufacturers.
The key themes for this RFP include the following:
  1. Common challenges faced by manufacturers in improving productivity, precision and performance of their manufacturing processes. These challenges differ for small vs medium vs large manufacturers, as well as from brownfield locations to greenfield locations.
  2. Technical gaps that need to be resolved in sensing, control, modeling, analytics and platform technologies in order to overcome the above challenges, in addition to emerging technologies that will impact information flow between them.
  3. Smart Manufacturing solutions for common cross-industry energy intensive processes, such as thermal processing.
Questions regarding this opportunity can be submitted at
. An attempt will be made to answer all questions. Questions and answers will be posted publicly on the
CESMII website
Community Technology Preview: CESMII’s Smart Manufacturing Platform™
CESMII’s Smart Manufacturing Platform has been a centerpiece of our Technology Roadmap since our institute’s inception. We will offer a Technology Preview to the CESMII community on Thursday, August 22
to demonstrate the current capabilities of our platform, the value of the platform to current and upcoming Roadmap and Application Projects, the roadmap for extended capabilities in future releases, and the short and long-term value of the platform to you as a member of the CESMII community.
Look for more information in the coming days and save the date for our first CTP event!
Software from MathWorks – NEW

CESMII’s partnership with MarthWorks entitles our members to one-year free access to the products and services below:
  • Simulink®,
  • Nearly 100 Add-on Products for specializes tasks such as machine learning, data analysis, image processing, etc.,
  • Technical, Installation and Customer Support.
Once all questions have been answered to the best of your ability, you will receive a confirmation email with instructions to access your free software (typically 1-2 business days). For any questions about this program, please email
CESMII is excited to announce that our team is growing in very positive ways! Jonathan Wise, a proven veteran of the industrial and enterprise software industries, was hired this month to lead the development and execution of the CESMII Smart Manufacturing Platform™ strategy. Jonathan boasts an impressive background, strongly aligned to CESMII’s vision and efforts, developed through roles with industry leaders, like Rockwell, Amazon, Microsoft, GE and Activplant. He is a key member of the senior leadership team, reporting to CESMII’s Chief Technology Officer, Haresh Malkani.
Please welcome Jonathan to the CESMII community and look for big things to come from him and his team!
CESMII is also excited to welcome Sean Ghotbi to CESMII Headquarters as a Program Manager, reporting to Miguel Corcio. Sean will take on the portfolio management for the ten (10) current RFP1 projects, as well as some of the upcoming application projects. He will also be part of the team as we roll out additional RFPs. 
Sean is a certified PM professional with 20 years of experience in a variety of roles in manufacturing, retail, distribution, automotive, education, food and technology services sectors, including former positions with McGraw Hill, Pathway, CSU, Ellison, Daytron and CRI. He has expertise in a range of project management principles and tools, business process analysis, value stream mapping and enterprise management solutions to name a few. 
Welcome to the team, Sean!
Jim Davis, Principal Investigator – CESMII UCLA, has long been regarded as one of the “Founding Fathers” of Smart Manufacturing in the U.S. It’s with great honor that we report that Jim has been recognized by the National Association of Manufacturers’ Manufacturing Leadership (ML) Council with their ‘Lifetime Achievement Award’.  
Jim is being recognized for his demonstrated, world-class manufacturing leadership “through a lifetime of achievement and profound and lasting impacts on their companies, markets, and the manufacturing industry at large.” Lifetime Achievement Award winners “pioneer new markets, develop new business models, create market-changing products, devise transformative production methods, or significantly enhance the overall role of manufacturing in society. Winners of the Lifetime Achievement Award forever enhance the manufacturing industry and set a high example for leaders who follow.”
Congratulations, Jim – what a well deserved honor!
Join CESMII as we engage the entire US Manufacturing ecosystem in regular discussions about what Smart Manufacturing is, what it isn’t, who’s finding value, who’s falling behind and anything else that is important to you. Mike Yost hosts 20-minute webinars the 2
and 4
Wednesdays of every month to frame the dialogue with you.
Want to share your views and be a guest on an upcoming webcast? Email Mike Yost (
) to submit your name or recommend others whose voice you feel should be heard. With so many diverse perspectives in our ecosystem, we want to welcome them all!
Join us for our next installment on Wednesday, August 14, 2019 at 11:30am Eastern/8:30am Pacific. Our guest will be MESA International’s Smart Manufacturing Working Group Chairman, Conrad Leiva, and we’ll explore “
What does Smart Manufacturing Look Like to the Entire Manufacturing Ecosystem?
Mark your calendars.
Members play a vital role in shaping direction, programs and deliverables through active participation in CESMII Standing Committees. Qualified volunteers are being sought for a relaunch of:
  • Outreach Standing Committee, which is focused on Education & Workforce Development (EWD) strategy, programs and deliverables. Contact Mike Yost (
  • Business Processes Standing Committee, which centers on the performance and financial strategies needed to ensure the long-term sustainability of the institute. Contact Howard Goldberg (
Contact CESMII today and lend your voice to these important leadership bodies!
While we’re excited to announce the release of RFP2, let’s not forget about the ten (10) Roadmap Projects released and kicked off under RFP1. These projects represent $16,000,000 in public/private funding already released by CESMII. Projects cover the steel, oil & gas, aerospace, metal fabrication and cement industries across areas, such as smart worker, discrete process AI/machine learning, data contextualization, additive/subtractive processes and workforce training.
To learn more about these projects, scroll down to the “Technical Roadmap Projects” content on the CESMII
CESMII is the United States’ national institute on Smart Manufacturing, entrusted to make one thing happen – make Smart Manufacturing a reality for everyone who touches American manufacturing. Our ecosystem is inclusive by design, and everyone has a role to play. Come find yours!
Many of you have received information about our new Membership Model, Application and other forms needed to renew your CESMII Membership. You will notice that we have revamped our membership model and Agreement, most notably stating UCLA as the signatory on all documents. CESMII High -level benefits are:
  • SIMPLIFIED – so anybody can read and understand it
  • IP Access model that works for all member stakeholders
  • Ensure a viable path to membership for all member stakeholders
  • Ensure viable business model for all member stakeholders
  • Ensure alignment with CESMII’s strategy and platform deliverables
  • Alignment with our Democratization strategy
  • Alignment with our Sustainability strategy
  • UCLA will be the named signatory on all CESMII agreements
Did you know that you can use your attendance at our Annual Meeting and associated travel expenses as Cost Share to unlock funding for CESMII?
As you know, CESMII represents a public-private funding partnership with the Department of Energy (DOE). Every $1 of in-kind contribution from members and non-members in support of CESMII can be matched by $1 of Federal funding. Capturing your time spent and travel expenses (transportation, lodging, food) incurred to attend our Annual Meeting, for example, allows CESMII to fulfill its cost-share obligations and unlock more spending to provide more value for our members! .
For more information and to receive a Cost Share form and sample, please contact our membership coordinator, Renee An (
August 14, 2019 – CESMII Webinar Series
CESMII Webinar Series – 6

of Smart Manufacturing: “What Does Smart Manufacturing Look Like to the Entire Manufacturing Ecosystem?” with Conrad Leiva, MESA International ‘s SM Working Group Chairman.
August 20, 2019 – 39th Computers & Information in Engineering Conference (CIE)
CESMII CTO, Haresh Malkani, will facilitate a panel on Smart Manufacturing.
CESMII Outreach Advisor, Mike Yost, will be a panelist representing Smart Manufacturing as it intersects with Digital Engineering.
September 4, 2019 – Industrie 4.0 Silicon Valley Startup Showcase
CESMII CEO John Dyck will participate as a Smart Manufacturing expert alongside a German delegation of Industrie 4.0 experts all of whom explore the business value of these global initiatives.
September 11, 2019 – SYSPRO WAVE
CESMII CTO, Haresh Malkani, will moderate a C-Suite panel of manufacturers and IoT leaders who will discuss trends that real-world companies are seeing and offer insights into must-haves for preparing businesses to thrive far into the future.
September 12, 2019 – SYSPRO WAVE
CESMII CTO, Haresh Malkani, and Western Regional Director, Dale Turner, will present a session on how CESMII is accelerating U.S. advanced manufacturing.
CESMII Leadership and Members will be represented at this event which showcases work done by Manufacturing USA and their Institutes in technology innovation and advanced manufacturing, and workforce development.
CESMII will announce thier partnership with Atollogyat an Open House Event at the Atollogy offices in Santa Clara, CA. More details forthcoming.
10250 Constellation Boulevard, Suite 100, Los Angeles, CA 90067
Acknowledgement: This material is based upon work supported by the U.S. Department of Energy’s Office of Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy (EERE) under the Advanced Manufacturing Office Award Number DE-EE0007613.
Disclaimer: This report was prepared as an account of work sponsored by an agency of the United States Government. Niether the United States government nor any agency thereof, nor any of its employees, makes any warranty, express or implied, or assumes any legal liability or responsibility for the accuracy, completeness or usefulness