SMIC Event (NCSU): RISE 2023

SMIC Event (NCSU): RISE 2023

RISE® is at the forefront of sustainable technologies and global innovations. Scientific leaders will deliver thought-provoking research and intelligence. Next-gen materials and applications will shape near- AND long-term product strategies. New solutions will help transform supply chains and legacy processes.

Making an Impact on Manufacturing Productivity Through Smart Manufacturing

CESMII is a public-private institute focused on Smart Manufacturing. Funded by the US Department of Energy, with a home at University of California in Los Angeles, the institute focusses on the development and demonstration of Smart Manufacturing technologies and education & workforce development, to meet industry needs in energy productivity and operational excellence. We will present our perspective on the state of Smart Manufacturing and provide real-world use case examples from CESMII’s diverse portfolio of projects.

Speakers: Haresh Malkani, CTO, CESMII

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