SMIC Event (Case Western): Connected CNC Mill Demonstration

SMIC Event (Case Western): Connected CNC Mill Demonstration

Join us for a live presentation of how the Institute for Smart Secure and Connected Systems (ISSACS) deployed a smart monitoring system for the Haas CNC Mill as part of the CESMII Smart Manufacturing Innovation Center (SMIC) at Sears thinkbox.

This demonstration will showcase how to use the Learning Integrated Manufacturing System (LIMS) edge device provided by Advanced Manufacturing International (AMI) with the Smart Manufacturing Innovation Platform (SMIP) to monitor of a wide array of metrics associated with the operation of the mill to gain insight into operational efficiency.

This effort would not have been possible without the funding from CESMII, the national institute on Smart Manufacturing, and the support of MAGNET, Advanced Manufacturing International and Rimeco Products, Inc.

This will take place on the second level of Sears thinkbox, a 50,000 square foot maker space, and conclude with a tour of the full facility. Light refreshments will be provided.

Please park in the Veale Parking Garage (Lot 53) located at 2158 Adelbert Road near the wind turbine. Parking in the Veale Parking Garage is not free – rates are posted online. After parking, walk to the entrance of the Veale Athletic Center. Go into Veale and speak with the individual at the front desk for assistance in reaching thinkbox.

Visit thinkbox Direction and Parking for more information

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