CESMII Smart Manufacturing Summit for MEP Centers

CESMII Smart Manufacturing Summit for MEP Centers

The future of manufacturing depends on collaboration between national (CESMII) and state efforts (MEP Centers: Manufacturing Extension Partnership Centers). By aligning strategies, we can speed up the adoption of smart manufacturing, boosting global competitiveness and creating a more connected industry.


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Opening Remarks: Nagesh Rao, Deputy Director & Acting Director of MEPs, National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST)
PART 1: Empowering the MEP’s to Drive Smart Manufacturing Roadmap Development
PART 2: Smart Manufacturing Training Kits, Bootcamp & Curriculum
Demonstration of Smart Apps (low cost, low complexity) for Small/Medium Manufacturers
Smart Manufacturing Roadshow Opportunities


PART 1: Smart Manufacturing Acceleration Roadmap Framework
Gain insights into the strategic roadmap designed to accelerate the adoption of smart manufacturing technologies, enhancing productivity and competitiveness in the industry.

    • Learn about CESMII’s Smart Manufacturing Roadmap Professional Certification programs tailored to equip individuals with the necessary skills to navigate the evolving landscape of smart manufacturing. Hear firsthand from the South Carolina MEP about their experiences in implementing smart manufacturing strategies, offering valuable insights and best practices.

PART 2: Smart Manufacturing Training Kits, Bootcamp & Curriculum
Explore comprehensive training resources and curriculum aimed at empowering manufacturing professionals with the knowledge and tools needed for success in smart manufacturing.

    • Participate in an interactive session designed to empower trainers to effectively deliver smart manufacturing bootcamps, fostering a culture of continuous learning and innovation with CESMII’s Smart Manufacturing Learning System.
    • Discover the Smart Automation Certification Alliance (SACA) credentials and other educational resources aimed at bridging the skills gap and nurturing a highly skilled workforce.

PART 3: Understand the Importance of CESMII Strategies – Technology, Training & Ecosystem – to Reduce the Complexities and Cost of Deploying Smart Manufacturing
Learn about CESMII-Compliant applications tailored for small and medium-sized manufacturers, enabling MEPs to bring innovative solutions to market and drive sustainable growth.

    • Learn about the art and science of how to have value-based conversations about Smart Manufacturing capabilities
    • See several live demonstrations of Smart Applications in action
    • Hear real-world use cases from CESMII Members who have found success implementing these capabilities

PART 4: Smart Manufacturing Roadshow Opportunities
Explore success stories and examples from recent CESMII Smart Manufacturing Roadshows hosted in Illinois, North Carolina, Indiana, South Carolina, and Texas, showcasing the impact of smart manufacturing initiatives on regional economies.

    • Gain valuable insights from MEP leaders who are driving smart manufacturing initiatives, offering strategic perspectives and collaboration at the national level.


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