International Experts Dialogue Global Manufacturing Data Spaces Roundtable

International Experts Dialogue Global Manufacturing Data Spaces Roundtable

Shaping digital ecosystems requires international dialogue and transnational problem-solving approaches. Together, we will explore how fostering collaboration and knowledge exchange can drive cross-border cooperation, unlocking the full potential of data-driven technologies for industries worldwide.

Unveiling National Initiatives, Platforms, Projects and Government Support

In the dynamic landscape of data-driven manufacturing, an international dialogue is set to take place, focusing on the intersection of data spaces and Industry 4.0. This dialogue brings together experts from diverse organizations and countries to explore the immense potential of data spaces in transforming the manufacturing sector.

Let’s talk about …
▪️ The realization of Manufacturing-X and data spaces in manufacturing
▪️ Cross-border cooperation in leveraging data-driven technologies for global industries
▪️ The functionality of data spaces in supply chain collaboration, sustainability, smart production planning, predictive maintenance, and zero-defect manufacturing
▪️ Challenges and megatrends impacting the manufacturing industry

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