A Roadmap of How CESMII will Accomplish Our Mission


Founded in 2016, CESMII assembled the best and brightest from industry to find solutions to some audacious goals; reduce energy use by 15% in Smart Manufacturing based solutions, and reduce the cost of implementing those solutions by 50%, in 5 years, among others.

Our first Roadmap was delivered in 2017.  In 2021, we delivered an update to that initial Roadmap, to define our strategy and deliverables for 2020, 2021 and 2022.

CESMII – Roadmap Update 2020 – 2022

CESMII’s Institute Roadmap is a guiding document to ensure that the work carried out through the institute is directly tied to our published goals, objectives and strategic levers. Our objectives define what we (as an ecosystem driven through public/private partnership) want to accomplish and, in turn, define our roadmap. The roadmap guides how we accomplish our objectives through the published focus areas and deliverables.

This updated Institute Roadmap focuses on the 2020-2022 timeline


Roadmap Cover 2020

CESMII – Initial Roadmap 2017 – 2019

Provide the framework to start up the Institute and focus CESMII efforts on high-priority SM industry needs, including:

  • Availability of objective information on SM technologies
  • Consultation, assessment, and platform-based access to approaches and methods
  • Cross-industry information and studies
  • Training

Direct the first call for CESMII projects, cross-industry studies, technology and knowledge inventories, and workforce development and training

Align and cross-link the efforts of the CESMII Regional Manufacturing Centers (RMCs)

Set the stage for a more comprehensive, more in-depth CESMII Roadmap: 2020–2022 process with the CESMII standing committees and technology workgroups

CESMII Roadmap 2017 - 2018