In the most recent episode of our Better Together Podcastwe welcome John Dyck, CEO of CESMII – The Smart Manufacturing Institute, a post he has held since June of 2018. CESMII is a Manufacturing USA Institute chartered with transforming the US manufacturing market and increasing global competitiveness through the democratization of Smart Manufacturing technologies, knowledge, and business practices.

Join Mr. Dyck and Paper360° Editorial Director Jan Bottiglieri as they discuss some of the innovative ways that CESMII is working to make that happen–and what it may mean not only for the leading companies in the pulp and paper industry, but for our critical small- and medium-sized operations as well, on both the manufacturing and supplier side.

Mr. Dyck will also be the keynote speaker for the upcoming TAPPICon 2023 in Atlanta, GA, April 22-26. “We are at an inflection point,” he says. “The ecosystem is beginning to partner and collaborate to solve some of these big problems. (At TAPPICon), I’ll be excited to articulate that in some tangible ways.”