A Concise 30 Minute Podcast Overview of CESMII and Partnerships


Many people are familiar with CESMII, the US-based nonprofit smart manufacturing institute. But there are a number of details that many people are less familiar with regarding how CESMII is funded, how CESMII works with industrial organizations outside of the US, and what other organizations CESMII partners with.

Join Craig Resnick, Vice President, ARC Advisory Group as he interviews John Dyck, CEO of CESMII, to learn more about these details as well as what technologies does CESMII offer to manufacturers, vendors, and system integrators, how can CESMII help industry solve major challenges such as supply chain disruptions, and how can industrial organizations get involved with CESMII and best leverage all that the institute has to offer.

0:50 – Mission of CESMII
1:48 – How CESMII works with other initiatives around the world
3:50 – How CESMII works with other organizations to drive standards
7:30 – Value proposition for small and medium and large manufacturers and System Integrators
13:18 – This initiative will change the world of automation and analytics
18:50 – COVID exposed the fragility of our Supply Chain – How will CESMII help there?
27:30 – What are next steps, where can we learn more?