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Apogean™ lets you quickly connect legacy or proprietary CNC equipment to collect data for smart manufacturing apps like OEE, manufacturing analytics, and any other manufacturing app or business system.  A free trial for all HAAS machines is available!

Save Time and Money with Apogean™ and CESMII SMIP

Unlock seamless integration and efficiency with Apogean™ and the CESMII Smart Manufacturing Innovation Platform (SMIP) specifically designed for HAAS CNC machines.

Why Choose Apogean™ with CESMII SMIP for HAAS CNC Machines?

Effortless Connectivity:
Apogean™ connects directly to CESMII SMIP via GraphQL, removing the need for additional gateway software. This streamlined approach saves your team the hassle and cost of managing separate middleware.

Automatic Profile Generation:
If your HAAS CNC machine lacks an SMIP profile, Apogean™ will automatically create one. This feature frees your team to focus on high-value tasks, rather than spending time on manual profile creation.

Cost-Effective Integration:
Seamless integration with SMIP means no need for extra computers or servers. This lean architecture reduces hardware costs and IT overhead, making your transition to smart manufacturing smooth and economical.

Experience Seamless Smart Manufacturing for HAAS CNC Machines

Our technology offers a standards-based, open, and interoperable framework for smart manufacturing. Quickly install your preferred data collection hardware and access all HAAS CNC machine data, with key information pre-mapped for easy integration.

Complete the form for a free 30-day trial of Apogean.  We’ll send you a license key and a link to download and install the app within one business day.  To use it, you’ll need:


Introducing a 30-Day Free Trial

We’re excited to offer a 30-day trial of Apogean software and SMIP integration specifically for HAAS CNC machines, giving you the chance to:

  • Automate Data Collection: The Apogean™ software running on the Edge PC automatically connects, ingests, and buffers data from your HAAS CNC operations. A typical setup includes connections to a machine’s electrical cabinet via serial port and to the plant network via ethernet.
  • Seamlessly Create Machine Profiles: Apogean™ automatically generates a machine profile in the CESMII SMIP, integrating your HAAS CNC machine data into a comprehensive smart manufacturing ecosystem.
  • Access a Rich Marketplace: With SMIP, explore a diverse marketplace of smart manufacturing apps, profiles, and tools. The platform’s open, interoperable nature enables a plug-and-play approach to deploying solutions.