An Introductory Message to the Future Circular Manufacturing Economy

John Dyck explains the key component needed to enable a circular manufacturing economy.

00:03 – Introduction by John Dyck.

00:12 – Notion of a digital divide in manufacturing companies as a precursor to a digital enabled circular manufacturing environment

00:20 – The Fourth Industrial Revolution – Ten years old now.

00:25 – Still developing manufacturing solutions with Industry 3.0 techniques.

00:40 – The result is high cost and complexity, and low returned value.

00:48 – Democratization of Smart Manufacturing concepts are essential for a circular economy.

01:02 – We can work together to deliver the standardization necessary to drive innovation.

01:20 – Delivering democratization, innovation for the Small and Medium manufacturers.

01:24 – This will take us away from the legacy approaches and vendor lock-in.

01:40 – Bring us to a level of interoperability that can enable a circular manufacturing economy.

01:47 – This will bring us to a place of interoperability and data transparency that lets data flow from design to commission and operations.

02:00 – This is truly the future we need to be working on together.