CESMII Offers an Endorsement for Third-party Training


CESMII Training Endorsement LogoCESMII’s education mission supports the national manufacturing learning infrastructure with the development of educational resources on Smart Manufacturing (SM) education for SM Manufacturing Leaders, SM Professionals and SM Skilled Workforce in support of CESMII’s goal of broad-scale SM innovation adoption in the nation.

  • SM manufacturing business leaders and innovation champions that need to understand the need for technology-enabled operating modes and process innovation.
  • SM professionals including the OT/IT architects designing and implementing SM solutions, systems integrators connecting data sources like sensors and production equipment to SM solutions and the enterprise IT infrastructure, and machine designers that need to support the required information models and connectivity methods for their equipment
  • SM skilled workforce including students and existing workforce in a range of manufacturing careers from process engineers to technicians, and operators that need to understand how to leverage the SM produced insights and capabilities in their daily jobs.

To accomplish this mission at a national scale, CESMII partners with a wide network of education and training organizations that share these goals and are providing education aligned with the Smart Manufacturing vision and principles. CESMII has published a catalog of CESMII Endorsed SM Education options from the educator network available through the website.

Through SM education, the ecosystem of SM professionals will achieve widespread understanding of the SM Definition and First Principles, practices, key SM technologies and methodologies, SM Innovation Platform (SMIP) and SM Profiles practices. Clarity and consistency in Smart Manufacturing goals, principles and methods helps align the ecosystem to realize the vision and increases the trust and value of SM education credentials for manufacturers.


SM Education Programs will target the following occupations:

  • Manufacturing Business Leaders, Innovation Champions
  • Manufacturing System Designers and Architects
  • Manufacturing Solution/Application Implementer, System Integrator
  • Manufacturing Data/Systems Analyst, Report Development Staff
  • Manufacturing Information Model Manager, Data Profile Developer
  • Predictive Analysis Modeler, Process Engineer
  • Operations & Value Chain Continuous Improvement Engineer
  • Manufacturing Plant/Operations/Maintenance Staff, Workers


SM Education Programs will include the following SM skills:

  • Smart Manufacturing Introduction, Use Cases, Examples
  • Smart Manufacturing Essentials, IIoT, OT/IT integration, Edge & Cloud Computing
  • Data Sources, Contextualization, Aggregation, Information Models, Interoperability
  • Data Visualization, Connected Augmented Worker, Human and Machine Collaboration
  • Data Analysis, SPC, Complex Problem Solving, Continuous Improvement
  • Process Modeling, Optimization, Predictive Analysis, Machine Learning/AI
  • Digital Supply Chain and Smart Manufacturing
  • Industrial Cyber Security, Risk & Business Continuity

Endorsement Qualification

To qualify for the CESMII Endorsed label, education programs are reviewed against the SM education guidelines developed by the CESMII network of SM educators for the SM skills listed above to ensure that the education program is teaching skills that enable Industry 4 interoperability, scalability, analytical and orchestration capabilities that build on top of Industry 3 capabilities.


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