There are Four Pillars to CESMII’s Strategy  for the democratization of Smart Manufacturing (SM).  They are; SM Ecosystem Integration – The ability to leverage our Network of Networks, SM Enabling Technologies – Leveraging the Solutions CESMII has funded for some of industry’s most challenging problems, SM Education – the tools and skills you need to enable and sustain your Digital Transformation and the SM Innovation Platform – Technology Specifications and an example for industry to follow, to achieve Industrial Plug and Play.


Smart Manufacturing  Innovation Platform


The Smart Manufacturing Innovation Platform is an example of our interoperability solution to deliver Industrial Plug and Play to all of industry – discrete, hybrid and process.  The platform provides secure connectivity to your equipment and processes, and adds valuable context, so that applications can access your information intelligently and in an assisted or automated way.  The key technology in the platform is the concept of Profiles, the standards CESMII is creating to contextually describe sensors, equipment and processes, as well as the ability to create semantics for your data, showing how variables relate to each other.  The combination of these new concepts in context, will enable the holy grail, the ability to define new systems, without the need for extensive middleware configuration or infrastructure maintenance and management.
CESMII SM Innovation Platform

The platform is the CESMII example, the proof of concept, proven through our funded Application Projects and Innovation Projects.  But the special technology that makes it all possible, the SM Profiles, are a technology we are making available for the world to adopt.  Our vision includes working with vendors in industry, to adopt or replicate our technologies in their products, and then leverage the CESMII SM Marketplace in order to reach a new and very large (democratized Smart Manufacturing) audience with their products and services.  CESMII is not a competitor.  CESMII is a new government funded, nn-profit, Innovation Enabler, delivering what no vendor is able to accomplish.

CESMII is the tide that will float all boats.


SM Innovation Platform

The Smart Manufacturing Innovation Platform™ (SMIP) is one of four strategic pillars of CESMII’s integrated strategy for democratizing and accelerating the adoption of Smart Manufacturing by small, medium and large manufacturers. The platform enables seamless, vendor-agnostic interoperability of manufacturing-centric technologies, including sensing, control, modeling and analytics, using core capabilities of data ingestion, data contextualization, data management, workflow-based integration and a marketplace of CESMII-approved apps.

SM Technology In Use

This video shows how the CESMII SM technologies come together, the SM Innovation Platform, The SM Profiles and the SM Marketplace, to deliver Industrial Plug and Play.

The SM Innovation platform is an environment that allows individual operational technology (OT) functional components to be able to interoperate, and for data to be orchestrated between these components. The core capabilities of the SMIP can be broadly classified into the following:

  • Connectivity (ability to connect to different data sources)
  • Data ingestion (ability to acquire/capture data)
  • Data Contextualization (ability to organize data into a structured form)
  • Secure Data access, management, exchange (ability to access, store, retrieve the structured data)
  • Workflow orchestration (ability to orchestrate data movement between OT components)
  • Interoperability (ability for OT components to access/interact with the structured data)
  • Platform management (ability to create instances of the platform for creating solutions)
  • Marketplace (ability for applications to be integrated into the platform for use in developing solutions


Information & Resources


  • A Vision for the CESMII Smart Manufacturing Innovation Platform (video) – Watch Now
  • CESMII Self-Serve Smart Manufacturing (video) – Watch Now

Project Resources

  • Annual Meeting 2020 Keynote: SM Innovation Platform Overview (video) – Watch Now
  • Demo: SM Innovation Platform CTP R1 (video) – Watch Now

Development Resources

  • Expression and Application of Smart Manufacturing Profiles (pdf) – Download
  • Understanding the Smart Manufacturing Innovation Platform (word doc) – Download
  • SM Platform GraphQL API Reference (Github Wiki) – Read
  • Smart Manufacturing Profiles (Github Doc) – Read

By enabling frictionless movement of information – raw and contextualized data – between real-time Operations and the people and systems that create value in and across Manufacturing organizations, CESMII is ensuring the power of information and innovation is at the fingertips of everyone who touches manufacturing.


Our ecosystem is inclusive by design,
and everyone has a role to play.
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